Awardee List

A comprehensive list of every business that has received a California Competes Tax Credit

NameDownload LinkPrimary Location(s)IndustryNet Increase of Full-Time EmployeesInvestmentsAmount of Tax CreditDate Agreement Approved (yyyy/mm/dd)Amount Recaptured
Microsoft CorporationOpen PDFMountain View, Carpinteria, Irvine, San Francisco, and SunnyvaleSoftware Development2085$175,000,000 $35,000,000 2021/06/17
Zoom Video Communications, Inc.Open PDFSan JoseOnline Video Conferencing Services Provider1222$5,000,000 $12,500,000 2021/06/17
Ampere Computing LLCOpen PDFSanta ClaraMicroprocessor Chip Design and Manufacturing287$19,000,000 $5,000,000 2021/06/17
EnergySource Minerals LLC*Open PDFCalipatriaMineral Extraction78$847,145,000 $3,500,000 2021/06/17
Kubota Tractor CorporationOpen PDFElk GroveHeavy Machinery Equipment Distribution & Training57$44,700,000 $1,950,000 2021/06/17
CIVIC Financial Services LLCOpen PDFLos Angeles County or Orange CountyFinancial Services211$450,000 $1,800,000 2021/06/17
AgLand Renewables LLCOpen PDFMerced, Hanford, and LemooreBiogas Energy Services38$1,014,592,498 $1,700,000 2021/06/17
Juvo Plus, Inc.Open PDFMonroviaE-Commerce Sales & Distribution160$7,000,000 $1,500,000 2021/06/17
Sazerac Company, Inc.Open PDFComptonBeverage Manufacturing53$21,585,000 $1,500,000 2021/06/17
HCL America, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoSoftware Development663$4,000,000 $1,350,000 2021/06/17
indieDwell Southern California, Inc.*Open PDFBrawleyPrefabricated Building Manufacturing193$2,000,000 $1,200,000 2021/06/17
RDM Industries, Inc.Open PDFLa MiradaPersonal Protective Equipment Manufacturing23$10,706,000 $1,000,000 2021/06/17
Steeped, Inc.Open PDFScotts Valley and Santa CruzBeverage Manufacturing116$24,450,000 $1,000,000 2021/06/17
Pyramid Construction and Aggregates, Inc.*Open PDFOcotilloSand Manufacturing19$3,814,350 $764,499 2021/06/17
Cardinal Paint and Powder, Inc.Open PDFSouth El MontePaint and Coating Manufacturing10$510,000 $400,000 2021/06/17
Mezmo CorporationOpen PDFIrvineSoftware Development11$200,000 $250,000 2021/06/17
Relativity Space, Inc.Open PDFLong Beach and LompocAerospace Research and Development and Manufacturing964$319,844,517 $30,000,000 2021/04/22
Cue Health, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoMedical Device Manufacturing1667$150,000,000 $20,000,000 2021/04/22
In-N-Out BurgersOpen PDFIrvine, Baldwin Park, Chino, and LathropRetail Headquarters & Distribution224$200,000,000 $7,000,000 2021/04/22
CVB, Inc.*Open PDFDelanoOnline Order Fulfillment Warehouse and Distribution291$50,000,000 $6,500,000 2021/04/22
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, Inc.*Open PDFBakersfield, Oakland, and TulareFood Manufacturing205$180,000,000 $3,554,333 2021/04/22
Nongshim Holdings USA, Inc.Open PDFRancho CucamongaFood Manufacturing273$100,000,000 $3,500,000 2021/04/22
Ernie Ball, Inc.*Open PDFCoachellaMusical Instrument Accessory Manufacturing51$5,820,000 $2,000,000 2021/04/22
Sierra Agra USA LLC*Open PDFReedleyFruit and Vegetable Food Processing120$9,000,000 $1,150,000 2021/04/22
Creative Packaging Company Which Will Do Business in California as: Creative Cold ChainOpen PDFOxnard and OaklandFood Packaging Manufacturing61$2,115,000 $1,100,000 2021/04/22
Lumenous Device Technologies, Inc.Open PDFSanta ClaraMedical Device Manufacturing33$260,000 $679,000 2021/04/22
Inwesco IncorporatedOpen PDFAzusaMetal Product Manufacturing15$2,000,000 $600,000 2021/04/22
Omega PackagingOpen PDFLa Mirada, Anaheim, Fullerton, or PlacentiaPlastic Container Manufacturing19$6,480,000 $550,000 2021/04/22
Plastic Technologies, Inc.Open PDFSan BernardinoPlastic Product Manufacturing20$9,000,000 $450,000 2021/04/22
Birns Oceanographics, Inc.Open PDFOxnardCommunications Equipment Manufacturing31$1,384,100 $450,000 2021/04/22
Esbenshade's Greenhouses, Inc.*Open PDFFowlerWholesale Plant Grower37$578,000 $425,000 2021/04/22
M.A.R.'s Engineering Company, Inc.Open PDFStocktonMetal Products Manufacturing20$4,090,000 $250,000 2021/04/22
Lockheed Martin CorporationOpen PDFPalmdale, Buellton, Helendale, Santa Rosa, Valencia, Beale Air Force Base, and Vandenburg Air Force BaseAerospace Manufacturing450$100,000,000 $29,800,000 2020/11/05
CepheidOpen PDFLodi and Santa Clara CountyDiagnostic Test Manufacturing2510$250,000,000 $20,000,000 2020/11/05
Better Holdco, Inc.Open PDFOakland and IrvineConsumer Lending3500$55,428,938 $25,000,000 2020/11/05
American Honda Finance CorporationOpen PDFCypressAutomotive Financing75$9,218,624 $5,200,000 2020/11/05
Atieva USA, Inc.Open PDFNewarkElectric Automobile Research & Development and Headquarters Expansion1858$46,400,000 $18,000,000 2020/06/29
Vision Fine Foods LLC*Open PDFStocktonProduction of Packaged Bakery Goods91$15,721,895 $850,000 2020/06/18
Thermal Equipment CorporationOpen PDFRancho DominguezAutoclave Manufacturing13$760,000 $450,000 2020/06/18
The Pape Group, Inc.*Open PDFFremont and other locations statewideConstruction and Equipment Rental99$44,507,880 $1,100,000 2020/06/18
Swift Media Entertainment, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesE-Sports Technology, Training, and Marketing63$6,635,000 $1,125,000 2020/06/18
Samet Privacy LLCOpen PDFLos AngelesOnline Privacy Consulting and Compliance Services10$100,000 $350,000 2020/06/18
Redtail Technology, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoSoftware Development56$190,000 $980,000 2020/06/18
Piercan USA, Inc.Open PDFSan Diego CountyPolymer Products Design and Manufacturing62$7,525,000 $1,500,000 2020/06/18
Openpath Security, Inc.Open PDFCulver CitySoftware Development70$971,000 $1,364,000 2020/06/18
NBCUniversal LLCOpen PDFLos AngelesOnline Streaming Media Service Provider800$132,000,000 $20,000,000 2020/06/18
L3 Applied Technologies, Inc.Open PDFSan LeandroDefense Contracting154$16,800,000 $1,500,000 2020/06/18
J. Harris Industrial Water Treatment, Inc.Open PDFOxnard and San JoseWater Treatment Product Manufacturing and Service30$7,500,000 $1,150,000 2020/06/18
Hornet Animations, Inc.Open PDFCulver CityMotion Picture and Video Production23$110,000 $500,000 2020/06/18
Fortress North America, Inc.Open PDFRocklin and UnknownFire Suppression and Flood Containment Product Manufacturing113$10,685,000 $2,400,000 2020/06/18
CTC Global CorporationOpen PDFIrvine and Santa AnaElectricity Conductor Engineering and Manufacturing149$10,966,500 $5,000,000 2020/06/18
Cokeva, Inc.Open PDFRoseville and Northern CaliforniaElectronic and Precision Equipment Repair Services101$5,973,700 $1,000,000 2020/06/18
ByFusion Global, Inc.*Open PDFCompton, Lancaster, Stockton, and VernonRecycled Plastic Construction Product Manufacturing36$3,500,000 $1,000,000 2020/06/18
BW Industries, Inc.*Open PDFFresno, Bakersfield, Oakland, and MercedCustom Computer Programming Services807$24,000,000 $5,000,000 2020/06/18
BFTV LLCOpen PDFLos AngelesVideo Production76$612,500 $2,000,000 2020/06/18
Better Nutritionals LLCOpen PDFGardena and CarsonHealth Supplement Manufacturing1098$45,000,000 $5,000,000 2020/06/18
AS America, Inc.*Open PDFSan Bernardino County or Riverside CountyPlumbing and Building Products Distribution43$12,775,000 $1,240,000 2020/06/18
3DEO, Inc.Open PDFGardena or Torrance3D Steel Print Manufacturing187$42,200,000 $800,000 2020/06/18
Worksters, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoInformation and Data Evaluation Services8$80,000 $130,000 2020/04/23
Universal Standard Housing LLCOpen PDFUnknownPrefabricated Building Manufacturing560$100,000,000 $17,238,000 2020/04/23
Trillium Pumps USA, Inc.*Open PDFFresnoConstruction Equipment Manufacturing88$11,920,000 $1,800,000 2020/04/23
Teletrac Navman US Ltd.Open PDFGarden Grove and PleasantonGPS Software Development and Integration39$5,864,129 $850,000 2020/04/23
Tektronix, Inc.Open PDFHollister and IrvineDiagnostic Equipment Manufacturing125$54,923,236 $4,500,000 2020/04/23
Spartan Motors USA, Inc.Open PDFCarson and MontebelloVehicle Manufacturing88$2,150,000 $570,998 2020/04/23
SAAZ Micro, Inc.Open PDFSan Luis Obispo, Thousand Oaks, and GoletaSensor Research and Development and Manufacturing32$2,025,000 $400,000 2020/04/23
Rexnord Industries LLCOpen PDFSimi Valley, Ontario, and Paso RoblesAerospace Component Manufacturing47$12,500,000 $1,200,000 2020/04/23
Precision Medical Products, Inc.Open PDFRocklin and SacramentoMedical Device Manufacturing102$4,275,000 $950,000 2020/04/23
PKL Services, Inc.Open PDFPowayAircraft Maintenance162$96,000 $2,500,000 2020/04/23
Paradise Packaging CompanyOpen PDFParadiseRecycled Packaging Products Manufacturing15$0$75,000 2020/04/23
Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems, Inc.Open PDFNorthridge, El Segundo, and San DiegoAerospace Research and Development and Manufacturing337$57,000,000 $15,000,000 2020/04/23
M & R Engineering Co.Open PDFOrangeAerospace Component Manufacturing14$2,100,000 $385,000 2020/04/23
GoodRx, Inc.Open PDFSanta Monica, San Francisco, and Los AngelesMobile Device Application and Software Developer241$3,240,000 $2,000,000 2020/04/23
Exelixis, Inc.Open PDFAlamedaPharmaceutical Research and Development500$90,937,272 $7,000,000 2020/04/23
DesertXpress Enterprises LLCOpen PDFVictorville or Apple ValleyHigh Speed Rail Construction & Operation320$2,175,000,000 $10,000,000 2020/04/23
California Internet, L.P.Open PDFCamarilloInternet Service Provider138$41,314,510 $4,500,000 2020/04/23
Bryant Fuel Systems LLC*Open PDFShafter and BakersfieldBulk Fuel and Oil Collection, Storage, and Delivery Services30$6,199,600 $1,150,000 2020/04/23
Artistic Weavers LLC*Open PDFFresnoFreight Transportation Logistics Services64$20,970,000 $812,000 2020/04/23
Amplitude, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoCloud-Based Information and Data Evaluation Services149$11,300,000 $2,800,000 2020/04/23
Way To Be Designs LLC*Open PDFAtwaterApparel and Merchandise Manufacturing10$3,000,000 $250,000 2019/11/12
United Technologies CorporationOpen PDFCarlsbadAircraft Engine Manufacturing60$49,900,000 $2,250,000 2019/11/12
The Kroger Co.Open PDFUnknownOnline Order Fulfillment Warehouse and Distribution243$81,500,000 $3,300,000 2019/11/12
Systems Machine Automation Components CorpOpen PDFCarlsbadRobotics Design and Manufacturing45$6,500,000 $800,000 2019/11/12$800,000
SocialCom, Inc.Open PDFMarina Del ReyMarketing and Advertising31$70,000 $240,000 2019/11/12
Rocket Lab USA, Inc.Open PDFLong Beach and Huntington BeachAerospace Research and Development and Manufacturing147$25,355,360 $5,000,000 2019/11/12
OMNI Enclosures, Inc.*Open PDFEl CajonOffice Furniture and Lab Equipment Manufacturing18$1,900,000 $185,000 2019/11/12
Northrop Grumman Systems CorporationOpen PDFEl Segundo, Edwards AFB, McClellan, Palmdale, San Diego, and Woodland HillsAircraft Manufacturing1,001$1,147,000,000 $30,000,000 2019/11/12
Lockheed Martin Corporation*Open PDFPalmdale, Beale Air Force Base, Buellton, Helendale, Santa Rosa, Valencia, and Vandenburg Air Force BaseAerospace Manufacturing500$150,000,000 $39,500,000 2019/11/12
Lakeshore Equipment CompanyOpen PDFCarsonEducational Materials Manufacturing91$9,240,000 $2,000,000 2019/11/12
Kokatat, Inc.Open PDFArcataApparel Design and Manufacturing30$2,050,000 $750,000 2019/11/12
Flare Group*Open PDFBanningAircraft Parts Manufacturing30$5,400,000 $400,000 2019/11/12
CASS, Inc.Open PDFOaklandRecycled Metal Processing86$15,200,000 $1,325,000 2019/11/12
BioFuel North America LLCOpen PDFStockton and SamoaBiomass Fuel Manufacturing36$24,412,906 $1,250,000 2019/11/12$1,250,000
Samsara Networks, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoSensor Research and Development2098$189,802,000 $20,000,000 2019/06/13
Sage Goddess, Inc.Open PDFTorranceBath and Body Product Manufacturing25$1,950,000 $300,000 2019/06/13
Orora Packaging SolutionsOpen PDFBuena Park and other locations statewideCorrugated Box Product Manufacturing146$64,000,000 $3,000,000 2019/06/13
O'Keeffe's, Inc.Open PDFMercedFire-Proof Glass and Building Material Manufacturing20$8,500,000 $750,000 2019/06/13
Nusano, Inc.Open PDFValenciaBiotechnology Research, Development, and Manufacturing49$27,430,000 $1,279,405 2019/06/13
Motor Vehicle Software CorporationOpen PDFAgoura Hills, Petaluma, and Sacramento or Placer countySoftware Development101$7,025,000 $1,150,000 2019/06/13
Monopole, Inc.Open PDFSan Carlos and Los AngelesPaint and Coating Manufacturing11$30,000 $272,727 2019/06/13
I am Beyond LLCOpen PDFCulver City and CommerceClothing Design and Manufacturing and Headquarters Expansion26$1,801,000 $525,000 2019/06/13
Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoAerospace Component Manufacturing204$5,000,900 $2,615,497 2019/06/13
Healthbreads, Inc.Open PDFSan MarcosFood Manufacturing6$1,000,000 $200,000 2019/06/13
Gyrfalcon Technology, Inc.Open PDFMilpitas and SunnyvaleArtificial Intelligence Microprocessor Chip Design and Manufacturing84$11,205,000 $1,325,000 2019/06/13
George Fischer CorporationOpen PDFEl Monte, Bakersfield, and IrvinePipe Manufacturing23$15,000,000 $500,000 2019/06/13
FN Logistics, Inc.Open PDFSanta Fe Springs and Riverside County or San Bernardino CountyOnline Order Fulfillment Warehouse and Retail Distribution3039$113,944,000 $13,000,000 2019/06/13
Exelixis, Inc.Open PDFAlamedaPharmaceutical Research and Development283$5,274,250 $3,000,000 2019/06/13
e.l.f Cosmetics, Inc.Open PDFSan BernardinoCosmetics Manufacturing24$3,849,800 $471,025 2019/06/13
Create Music Group, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesDigital Music Rights Services235$900,000 $1,500,000 2019/06/13
Bombardier Mass Transit CorporationOpen PDFPittsburgLight Rail Vehicle Manufacturing115$6,009,980 $1,000,000 2019/06/13
Arkham Technology LimitedOpen PDFIrvineSecure Communications System Design16$50,000 $150,000 2019/06/13
Anvil Cases, Inc.Open PDFCovinaMusical Instrument Case Manufacturing22$750,000 $700,000 2019/06/13
1661, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesOnline Order Fulfillment Warehouse and Headquarters Expansion298$3,000,000 $2,728,005 2019/06/13
WFO ConceptsOpen PDFGrass Valley and AuburnAutomotive Parts Manufacturing19$2,593,905 $300,000 2019/04/11
Waddle & Friends, Inc.Open PDFSacramento CountyOnline Retail Warehouse and Distribution15$1,850,000 $100,000 2019/04/11$100,000
Universal Meditech, Inc.Open PDFFresnoMedical Device Manufacturing15$90,000 $360,000 2019/04/11
United Pacific Industries, Inc.Open PDFLong BeachOnline Automotive Parts Merchant23$3,650,000 $230,000 2019/04/11
Uniformity Labs, Inc.Open PDFFremont, Hayward, and Unknown3D Printing Materials Manufacturing138$47,132,000 $4,000,000 2019/04/11
The Broken Token LLCOpen PDFEscondidoBoard Game Accessories Manufacturing14$350,000 $150,000 2019/04/11
Star Manu LLCOpen PDFRiverside, San Bernardino, or San Diego countyCosmetics Manufacturing93$2,720,000 $830,000 2019/04/11
Sphere Alliance, Inc.Open PDFRiverside or BanningAerospace Component Manufacturing73$4,520,000 $600,000 2019/04/11
Sovereign Lending Group IncorporatedOpen PDFCosta MesaConsumer Lending474$1,355,000 $1,737,143 2019/04/11
Sovena USA, Inc.Open PDFModestoFood Manufacturing27$16,900,000 $1,000,000 2019/04/11
Sidus Solutions LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoCamera Manufacturing17$420,000 $125,000 2019/04/11
SAFC Carlsbad, Inc.Open PDFCarlsbadBiopharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing116$91,040,001 $4,000,000 2019/04/11
Rastaclat LLCOpen PDFLakewoodJewelry Manufacturing25$300,000 $525,000 2019/04/11
QC Manufacturing, Inc.Open PDFTemeculaWhole House Fan Manufacturing100$1,385,968 $750,000 2019/04/11
Mule, Inc.Open PDFNational City or San Diego CountyAccessories Manufacturing5$60,000 $56,000 2019/04/11
Monarch Green, Inc.Open PDFSanta Ana and UnknownLiquid Containment Products Manufacturing35$5,065,000 $589,628 2019/04/11
Meals for All, Inc.Open PDFSacramento CountyEmergency Nutrition Program Services32$574,000 $1,000,000 2019/04/11
Lynx Grills, Inc.Open PDFDowneyBarbecue Grill Manufacturing46$900,000 $500,000 2019/04/11$500,000
Lumitron Holdings, Inc.Open PDFIrvineMedical Device Manufacturing37$6,700,000 $700,000 2019/04/11
Kingspan Insulated Panels, Inc.Open PDFModestoMetal Products Manufacturing35$17,100,000 $725,000 2019/04/11
Graham Packaging PET Technologies, Inc.Open PDFModestoPlastic Container Manufacturing24$9,281,211 $830,000 2019/04/11
Glaukos CorporationOpen PDFAliso Viejo and San ClementeMedical Device Manufacturing191$40,500,000 $3,000,000 2019/04/11
ePac Los Angeles LLCOpen PDFRiverside or ChinoFood and Beverage Packaging Design and Manufacturing73$6,580,000 $2,300,000 2019/04/11
Eddy Pump CorporationOpen PDFEl CajonConstruction Equipment Manufacturing30$8,525,000 $900,000 2019/04/11
Do It American Mfg Company LLCOpen PDFCoronaMetal Products Manufacturing31$1,600,000 $300,000 2019/04/11
Cubic CorporationOpen PDFSan DiegoSoftware Development300$113,765,000 $8,500,000 2019/04/11
Cloacina LLCOpen PDFArroyo GrandeWastewater Treatment Equipment Manufacturing20$230,950 $500,000 2019/04/11
Clerprem USA Corp.Open PDFSacramentoVehicle Seat Manufacturing18$380,000 $380,000 2019/04/11
California Ethanol & Power LLCOpen PDFBrawleyEthanol / Biofuel Manufacturing692$589,330,000 $10,000,000 2019/04/11
Brex, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoFinancial Services782$20,147,900 $10,000,000 2019/04/11
Bitchin, Inc. Open PDFCarlsbad and UnknownFood Manufacturing76$372,000 $1,750,000 2019/04/11
Berber Food Manufacturing, Inc.Open PDFElk Grove and San LeandroFood Manufacturing33$26,942,561 $675,000 2019/04/11
Avexis, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoBiotechnology R&D121$30,000,000 $3,000,000 2019/04/11
AssetMark Financial, Inc.Open PDFConcord and EncinoSoftware Development and Management Consulting Services210$19,079,000 $2,750,000 2019/04/11 Operations, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoOnline Genealogy and DNA Services281$3,000,000 $5,000,000 2019/04/11
Vivotein LLCOpen PDFLos Angeles and Riverside County or San Bernardino CountyAnimal Food Manufacturing65$17,378,000 $1,000,000 2018/11/05
Upwork, Inc.Open PDFBay AreaSoftware Development91$3,950,000 $800,000 2018/11/05
Turner Techtronics, Inc.Open PDFBurbankInformation Technology Management Services221$1,600,000 $2,000,000 2018/11/05
SkySlope, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoSoftware Development230$4,777,500 $3,000,000 2018/11/05
PrinterPrezz, Inc.Open PDFFremont, Tracy, PattersonMedical Device Manufacturing75$121,235,500 $2,730,867 2018/11/05
Patagonia WorksOpen PDFVenturaClothing Manufacturing100$12,310,000 $1,480,000 2018/11/05
Nutriag USA Ltd.*Open PDFBiolaFertilizer Manufacturing7$1,625,000 $180,000 2018/11/05
Nexstar Plastics Corporation*Open PDFStocktonPlastic Recycling93$11,456,000 $350,000 2018/11/05$350,000
Lockheed Martin Corporation*Open PDFPalmdale, Beale Air Force Base, Buellton, Helendale, Santa Rosa, Valencia, Vandenberg Air Force BaseAircraft Development and Manufacturing450$100,000,000 $39,500,000 2018/11/05
Lamvin, Inc.Open PDFOceansideAcoustical Products Manufacturing4$140,000 $150,000 2018/11/05$150,000
KiwiCo, Inc.Open PDFMountain View, LathropChild Learning Product Manufacturing107$4,307,583 $825,000 2018/11/05
Infratech LLCOpen PDFGardenaHeating Equipment Manufacturing20$4,300,000 $150,000 2018/11/05
Foster Poultry Farms*Open PDFLivingstonPoultry Processing7$67,500,000 $3,200,000 2018/11/05
Endless Entertainment, Inc., dba Endless Entertainment Group, Inc.Open PDFOakland, San Francisco, Los AngelesOnline Video Game and Animated Story Developer77$5,202,500 $1,060,800 2018/11/05$1,060,800
Digital Map Products, Inc.Open PDFIrvineMapping Software Development83$1,733,333 $1,690,000 2018/11/05
Buck Design LLCOpen PDFLos AngelesMarketing and Advertising145$4,600,000 $1,100,000 2018/11/05
Allogene Therapeutics, Inc.Open PDFSouth San Francisco, Alameda, Fremont, Milpitas, NewarkBiotechnology Research and Development256$106,000,000 $9,000,000 2018/11/05
XRSciences LLCOpen PDFCarlsbadCement Analysis Equipment Manufacturing11$247,000 $385,000 2018/06/18
Userwise, Inc.Open PDFSan JoseMedical Device Design and Testing Services5$125,000 $125,000 2018/06/18
US Foods, Inc.Open PDFMcClellan ParkWholesale Food Manufacturing and Distribution216$71,600,000 $7,000,000 2018/06/18
Urban Translations, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoSoftware Development61$144,000 $750,000 2018/06/18$750,000
Taurus Fabrication, Inc.*Open PDFGrass ValleyFabricated Metal Product Manufacturing16$3,102,390 $300,000 2018/06/18
Syte Logix, Inc.Open PDFSan JoseHuman Resources Software Development20$500,000 $250,000 2018/06/18$250,000
S&E Gourmet Cuts, Inc.*Open PDFSan BernardinoFood Manufacturing50$15,325,000 $950,000 2018/06/18
P&Y T-Shirts and Silk Screening Co., Inc.Open PDFVernonApparel Deisgn and Manufacturing33$1,100,000 $150,000 2018/06/18
Our Babylon LLC*Open PDFPattersonCosmetics Manufacturing40$8,400,000 $1,500,000 2018/06/18
Ontic Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesAerospace Component Manufacturing52$5,000,000 $2,000,000 2018/06/18
Niantic, Inc.Open PDFSan Francisco, Los Angeles, and SunnyvaleMobile Device Application and Software Development255$7,274,500 $3,000,000 2018/06/18
MightyHive, Inc.Open PDFSan Francisco and Los AngelesSoftware Development162$1,232,250 $5,700,000 2018/06/18
LoungeBuddy, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoMobile Device Application and Software Development10$1,339,000 $350,000 2018/06/18
Lance Camper Mfg. Corp.*Open PDFLancasterTravel Trailer and Camper Manufacturing104$9,500,000 $1,500,000 2018/06/18
Katerra, Inc.*Open PDFTracy, Stockton, or MantecaPrefabricated Building Manufacturing648$55,846,136 $10,000,000 2018/06/18
Integrity Bio, Inc.Open PDFCamarilloBiopharmaceutical Research and Development and Manufacturing45$4,200,000 $500,000 2018/06/18
Information Governance Solutions LLCOpen PDFIrvineSoftware Development44$791,800 $1,540,000 2018/06/18$1,540,000
Golden Eye Media USA, Inc.Open PDFCarlsbadReusable Grocery Bag Manufacturing6$135,000 $110,000 2018/06/18
Frontier Aerospace CorporationOpen PDFSimi ValleyAerospace Research and Design Services5$185,570 $20,000 2018/06/18
Ergostech Renewable Energy Solution LLC*Open PDFFresnoHydrogen Fuel Manufacturing15$12,000,000 $525,000 2018/06/18
EMD Millipore CorporationOpen PDFVisaliaBiopharmaceutical Research and Development and Manufacturing26$6,040,000 $945,000 2018/06/18
Drink, Inc.Open PDFRichmondBeverage Distribution20$20,000,000 $700,000 2018/06/18
Dreamworks Animation LLCOpen PDFGlendaleMotion Picture and Video Production306$60,500,000 $10,000,000 2018/06/18
Conduent Commercial Solutions LLC*Open PDFBakersfieldCall Center400$2,100,000 $1,000,000 2018/06/18
Chawk Technology Intl., Inc.Open PDFHaywardPlastic Component Manufacturing154$10,000,000 $1,200,000 2018/06/18
California Natural Products*Open PDFLathropNutrition and Health Food Manufacturing157$22,027,500 $1,975,000 2018/06/18
Cairn Biosciences, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoBiopharmaceutical Research and Development26$2,138,400 $900,000 2018/06/18
Argo AI LLCOpen PDFPalo Alto and Mountain ViewAutonomous Vehicle Software Development158$15,230,244 $2,170,202 2018/06/18
AirMap, Inc.Open PDFSanta MonicaUnmanned Flightplan Software Development60$245,000 $1,000,000 2018/06/18
Zacky & Sons Poultry LLC *Open PDFStockton and CorcoranPoultry Processing28$7,200,000 $800,000 2018/04/12$800,000
YouBar, Inc.Open PDFMonterey ParkFood Manufacturing100$1,950,000 $1,750,000 2018/04/12
Wonderstorm, Inc.Open PDFEl SegundoOnline Video Game Development61$611,000 $2,100,000 2018/04/12
West Coast Steel & Processing LLCOpen PDFRialto and ChinoRolled Steel Product Manufacturing68$40,437,800 $1,585,000 2018/04/12
West Coast Industries, Inc.Open PDFRedlands, Carson, and San FranciscoFurniture Manufacturing53$1,741,000 $300,000 2018/04/12
Vincit California, Inc.Open PDFIrvine and Palo AltoSoftware Development100$1,095,609 $3,650,000 2018/04/12
Transform Partners LLCOpen PDFSan Diego CountyOnline Retail Electronics Headquarters & Distribution41$10,528,750 $1,000,000 2018/04/12
Torrid Merchandising, Inc.Open PDFCity of IndustryClothing Design and Headquarters Expansion132$2,500,000 $800,000 2018/04/12
Thermal Technology LLCOpen PDFWindsorIndustrial Furnace and Oven Manufacturing18$9,726,448 $650,000 2018/04/12$650,000
The Third Floor, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesGraphic Design Services174$500,000 $1,000,000 2018/04/12
The Gap, Inc.*Open PDFFresno, San FranciscoRetail Headquarters & Distribution698$100,000,000 $4,250,000 2018/04/12$4,250,000
Tenikle LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoConsumer Electronic Accessories Manufacturing4$0$80,000 2018/04/12
SurveyMonkey, Inc.Open PDFSan MateoOnline Marketing & Surveying Services430$6,836,256 $1,500,000 2018/04/12
Shotspotter, Inc.Open PDFNewark and Santa ClaraGunshot Detection Hardware and Software Solutions68$2,395,000 $625,000 2018/04/12
Seachrome CorporationOpen PDFLong BeachBathroom Fixtures Manufacturing15$1,085,000 $75,000 2018/04/12
Sasikanth KuchibhotlaOpen PDFCerritosSilicone Injection Mold Manufacturing8$285,000 $200,000 2018/04/12
Samuel Son & Co., Inc.Open PDFArcadia and HaywardMetal Products Manufacturing11$16,642,803 $325,000 2018/04/12
Sada Systems, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesCloud-based Information and Data Evaluation Services86$1,098,000 $2,800,000 2018/04/12
Riskalyze, Inc.Open PDFAuburnCustom Computer Programming Services217$1,703,257 $1,500,000 2018/04/12
Quick Charge Power LLCOpen PDFSan MarcosElectric Vehicle Charging Eqiupment Manufacturing5$94,000 $100,000 2018/04/12$100,000
Psyonix, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoSoftware Development138$0$750,000 2018/04/12$750,000
Planck Aerosystems, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoUnmanned Aerial Systems Manufacturing23$295,000 $600,000 2018/04/12
Optic Arts, Inc.Open PDFMonterey ParkCommerical LED Lighting Manufacturing62$1,975,000 $420,000 2018/04/12
NMI Industrial Holdings, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoFabricated Metal Product Manufacturing30$2,520,000 $550,000 2018/04/12
Nanoshift LLCOpen PDFRichmondSemiconductor Engineering Services and Manufacturing13$775,391 $450,000 2018/04/12
Nanomedical Diagnostics, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoBiotechnology Research and Development18$2,250,000 $700,000 2018/04/12
Mobcrush, Inc.Open PDFSanta MonicaMobile Application Development40$10,248,285 $1,200,000 2018/04/12$1,200,000
Mitchell Repair Information Company LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoSoftware Development22$25,197,500 $750,000 2018/04/12
Mazontech LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoMedical Device Manufacturing10$621,300 $106,224 2018/04/12
Jukin Media, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesOnline Video Marketing Services192$3,000,000 $750,000 2018/04/12$750,000
INTA Technologies CorporationOpen PDFSanta ClaraAutomotive Parts Manufacturing15$10,550,000 $400,000 2018/04/12
Infineon Technologies Americas Corp.Open PDFMilpitas, El Segundo, Morgan Hill, San Jose, and TemeculaSemiconductor Engineering Services and Manufacturing114$55,215,000 $2,500,000 2018/04/12$2,500,000
Hawke Media LLCOpen PDFSanta MonicaOnline Marketing & Advertising445$25,000,000 $2,000,000 2018/04/12
Grauling Research IncorporatedOpen PDFSanta RosaSemiconductor Engineering Services and Manufacturing3$250,000 $100,000 2018/04/12
Gonzales Enterprises, Inc.*Open PDFChicoApparel Design and Manufacturing34$5,375,000 $565,000 2018/04/12
Fuse Integration, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoComputer Engineering & Software Development30$300,000 $500,000 2018/04/12
Fleetwood Aluminum Products, Inc.Open PDFCoronaAluminum Window & Door Manufacturing220$12,500,000 $750,000 2018/04/12
Farmers Brewing Co. LLC *Open PDFPrincetonBrewery11$4,025,000 $400,000 2018/04/12
Exemplis LLCOpen PDFBuena Park and CypressFurniture Manufacturing232$3,000,000 $1,000,000 2018/04/12
Evolutions Footwear, Inc.Open PDFCamarilloFootwear Manufacturing15$0$500,000 2018/04/12$500,000
Everyday Influencers LLCOpen PDFLos AngelesOnline Gaming Talent Management Services31$1,310,000 $400,000 2018/04/12$400,000
Eurostampa California LLCOpen PDFNapaLabel Manufacturing & Printing86$16,389,200 $3,000,000 2018/04/12
Entekra, Inc.*Open PDFRipon and ModestoPrefabricated Building Manufacturing181$20,550,000 $4,000,000 2018/04/12
Energy Recovery, Inc.Open PDFSan LeandroEnvironmental Equipment Manufacturing95$14,950,000 $1,000,000 2018/04/12
Diamond Mattress CompanyOpen PDFRancho DominguezMattress Manufacturing121$4,092,500 $1,673,979 2018/04/12
DadWare LLCOpen PDFLos AngelesClothing Manufacturing5$80,000 $20,000 2018/04/12
Creative Electron, Inc.Open PDFSan MarcosIndustrial X-Ray Device Manufacturing22$526,157 $446,700 2018/04/12
CPC Strategy LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoDigital Marketing Services105$2,000,000 $740,000 2018/04/12
Confluent, Inc.Open PDFPalo AltoSoftware Development616$9,728,500 $5,900,000 2018/04/12
Communaute LLCOpen PDFLos Angeles, North Hollywood, and Bay AreaApparel Design and Manufacturing50$2,528,000 $390,000 2018/04/12
CJ America, Inc.Open PDFLos Angeles, Beaumont, and FullertonSnack Food Manufacturing and Distribution292$15,200,000 $2,000,000 2018/04/12
California Custom Fruits & Flavors, Inc.Open PDFIrwindaleFood Product Manufacturing12$1,000,000 $350,000 2018/04/12
Caava Design LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoGraphic Design Services4$0$50,000 2018/04/12
BrewBilt Manufacturing LLCOpen PDFGrass ValleyBrewing Equipment Manufacturing10$330,000 $150,000 2018/04/12$150,000
Bold Brew Coffee, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoBeverage Manufacturing7$1,300,000 $70,000 2018/04/12$70,000
BofI Holding, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoOnline Banking160$22,427,500 $5,000,000 2018/04/12
BMS Holdings LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoSoftware Development107$2,003,500 $906,159 2018/04/12
Beekeeper Marketing, Inc.Open PDFStatewideMarketing Consulting Services16$37,700 $500,000 2018/04/12$500,000
Baby List, Inc.Open PDFOakland and SacramentoOnline Commerce52$240,000 $300,000 2018/04/12
Anpac Technology USA Company, Ltd.Open PDFSacramentoMedical Laboratories28$1,660,000 $1,000,000 2018/04/12$1,000,000
AllConnected, Inc.Open PDFSimi ValleyComputer Systems Design Services32$295,000 $300,000 2018/04/12
Align Technologies LLCOpen PDFSan MateoMedical Device Manufacturing10$165,000 $250,000 2018/04/12
Affirm, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoOnline Financial Services566$3,934,000 $4,000,000 2018/04/12
Yosemite Foods, Inc.*Open PDFStocktonMeat Processing186$26,719,405 $1,793,750 2017/11/16
XT Green, Inc.Open PDFRancho CucamongaCarpet Recycling59$13,992,344 $695,000 2017/11/16
Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoPharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing38$3,016,392 $1,500,000 2017/11/16
Whitefish Enterprises, Inc.Open PDFSierra Foothills or Central ValleyCandle Manufacturing34$2,210,000 $1,350,000 2017/11/16
West Kern Environmental Consulting LLC *Open PDFBakersfieldEnvironmental Consulting Services7$283,086 $150,000 2017/11/16
Vungle, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoOnline Advertising66$5,384,859 $1,100,000 2017/11/16
VM Pharmacy, Inc.Open PDFLong BeachPharmacy4$218,300 $150,000 2017/11/16
Urban626 LLCOpen PDFPasadena and Southern CaliforniaElectric Scooter Manufacturing16$262,000 $115,000 2017/11/16$115,000
United Parcel Service, Inc.Open PDFMoreno ValleyTransportation and Logistics Services980$275,000,000 $3,000,000 2017/11/16
UB, Inc.Open PDFWest SacramentoCommercial Bakery19$7,400,000 $400,000 2017/11/16
True Light Electric, Inc.Open PDFLa MesaElectrical Contracting Services4$75,000 $100,000 2017/11/16$100,000
TRobertson ConsultingOpen PDFRancho Cordova and Cameron ParkInformation Technology Consulting Services4$14,000 $50,000 2017/11/16$50,000
Todd Sloat Biological Consulting, Inc.Open PDFMcArthurEnvironmental Consulting Services2$65,000 $50,000 2017/11/16$50,000
The Trade Desk, Inc.Open PDFVenturaSoftware Development205$33,799,253 $3,100,000 2017/11/16
The HVAC GuysOpen PDFLa HabraHeating and Air-Conditioning Installation and Repair Services4$108,000 $20,000 2017/11/16
The Guru LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoSoftware Development39$750,000 $300,000 2017/11/16
The Assay Depot, Inc.Open PDFSolana BeachOnline Scientific Services49$75,000 $350,000 2017/11/16
TenCate Advanced Composites USA, Inc.Open PDFMorgan Hill and FairfieldPolymer Materials Design and Manufacturing47$4,574,000 $500,000 2017/11/16
Telogiks LPOpen PDFFullertonVOIP Telephone Service Provider59$450,000 $400,000 2017/11/16
Telaeris, Inc.*Open PDFSan Diego and VisaliaLocation Tracking Software and Technology Development10$275,366 $400,000 2017/11/16
Techonsite CorporationOpen PDFMarina del ReyInformation Technology Services10$41,800 $200,000 2017/11/16
Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing CompanyOpen PDFAnaheim and Orange or Los Angeles CountyElectric and Conventional Vehicle Manufacturing99$6,500,000 $660,000 2017/11/16
Taboola, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesWeb Design and Marketing100$3,014,381 $275,000 2017/11/16
Synder, Inc.Open PDFVacavilleWater Membrane Filtration Manufacturing15$4,036,822 $120,000 2017/11/16
Stephanie ChewOpen PDFWhittierInsurance Agencies and Brokerages3$542,500 $20,000 2017/11/16
Siteserver, Inc.Open PDFSimi ValleyWeb Hosting Services14$250,000 $250,000 2017/11/16
Sirens Java & Tea LLCOpen PDFSan Pedro and Long BeachCoffee, Tea, and Baked Goods Caf‚8$5,200,000 $200,000 2017/11/16$200,000
Sila Nanotechnologies, Inc.Open PDFAlamedaBattery Manufacturing213$138,500,000 $1,500,000 2017/11/16
SF Motors, Inc.Open PDFSanta ClaraAutonomous Vehicle Research and Development357$10,884,910 $7,500,000 2017/11/16
Sean T. Boyd & Associates P.C.Open PDFFolsomAccounting Services3$306,000 $100,000 2017/11/16
SAFEChecksOpen PDFCanoga ParkBusiness Check Manufacturing6$10,000 $80,000 2017/11/16
Royal Summit, Inc.*Open PDFModestoMetal Box Manufacturing5$2,100,000 $90,000 2017/11/16$90,000
Rosemarie DriesleinOpen PDFWhittierAccounting Services4$60,000 $40,000 2017/11/16$40,000
Retrophin, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoBiopharmaceutical Research and Development and Manufacturing140$500,000 $2,000,000 2017/11/16
ReAction Optics, Inc.Open PDFAzusaOptical Lens Manufacturing26$2,647,000 $330,000 2017/11/16
Phone Ware, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoTelephone Call Center175$1,100,000 $1,450,000 2017/11/16
Paragon Business Solutions LLCOpen PDFLa CrescentaAccounting Services12$20,250 $150,000 2017/11/16
Pacific Planning Group, Inc.Open PDFLaguna Beach, Los Angeles, Orange, and SonomaBusiness Management Consulting Services22$0$200,000 2017/11/16
Pacific Dental Services LLCOpen PDFIrvineHuman Resources and Payroll Services293$81,720,000 $2,650,000 2017/11/16
Northern California Tile and Stone, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoGeneral Contracting26$1,240,000 $155,000 2017/11/16
NFCC, Inc.*Open PDFFresnoAutomotive Repair37$3,718,000 $320,000 2017/11/16$320,000
Murti LLCOpen PDFTorranceFurniture Design and Manufacturing9$85,000 $100,000 2017/11/16
Motor Vehicle Software CorporationOpen PDFAgoura Hills, Sacramento, and Southern CaliforniaSoftware Development100$17,750,000 $915,000 2017/11/16
Meggitt (San Diego), Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoAerospace Component Manufacturing188$17,407,400 $2,000,000 2017/11/16
Mazzei Injector Co. LLC*Open PDFBakersfieldWater Treatment Technology Research and Development4$5,500 $90,000 2017/11/16
Lightpoint Scientific LLCOpen PDFCulver CityAccident Recreation Services3$111,992 $100,000 2017/11/16
LHAS LLCOpen PDFPetaluma and Santa RosaAutomotive Repair21$1,225,000 $400,000 2017/11/16$400,000
L3 Technologies, Inc.Open PDFAnaheimDefense Contracting150$7,500,000 $1,900,000 2017/11/16
Koam Engineering Systems, Inc.Open PDFSan Diego and San Diego CountyCyber Security Consulting and Services100$1,000,000 $685,000 2017/11/16
John Hawley Wines, Inc.Open PDFHealdsburgWinery2$99,750 $70,000 2017/11/16
Inter-State Oil Co.Open PDFSacramentoBulk Fuel and Oil Collection, Storage, and Delivery Services14$6,750,000 $198,000 2017/11/16
IFM Towing, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoAutomotive Towing Service Provider30$2,500,000 $305,000 2017/11/16$305,000
Ideal Cabinetry, Inc.*Open PDFFresnoFurniture Design and Manufacturing13$690,000 $200,000 2017/11/16
Hi-Tech Emergency Vehicle Service, Inc.*Open PDFOakdaleEmergency Vehicle Component Manufacturing20$2,050,000 $500,000 2017/11/16
Headspace, Inc.Open PDFSanta Monica, Los Angeles County, and San FranciscoOnline Meditation Services170$12,875,000 $1,525,000 2017/11/16
Hammer CorpOpen PDFSan DiegoE-Commerce Technology and Marketing228$3,079,727 $750,000 2017/11/16
Geraci Media, Inc.Open PDFIrvineMagazine Publishing17$55,000 $125,000 2017/11/16
FreshRealm LLCOpen PDFVentura, Riverside County, and Northern CaliforniaSpeciality Food Distribution160$8,350,000 $1,250,000 2017/11/16
Freedom Home Health & Hospice, Inc.*Open PDFMarysvilleHealthcare Services42$900,000 $500,000 2017/11/16
FoodService Partners, Inc.Open PDFRichmondSpecialty Food Distribution222$8,500,000 $500,000 2017/11/16$500,000
Flight Light, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoIndustrial Lighting Manufacturing6$65,000 $30,000 2017/11/16
Fechter & Company, Certified Public AccountantsOpen PDFSacramentoAccounting Services6$1,560,000 $100,000 2017/11/16
Efficient Drivetrains, Inc.Open PDFMilpitas and DixonAutomotive Parts Manufacturing56$8,000,000 $750,000 2017/11/16$750,000
Dougherty CPAs, Inc.*Open PDFStocktonAccounting Services3$113,028 $80,000 2017/11/16
Design Swagg, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoApparel and Accessory Manufacturing and Distribution5$0$72,000 2017/11/16$72,000
Custopharm, Inc.Open PDFCarlsbadPharmaceutical Manufacturing26$48,040,000 $1,000,000 2017/11/16
CU Direct CorporationOpen PDFOntarioSoftware Development201$42,975,000 $3,150,000 2017/11/16
Croma Vera Wines, Inc.*Open PDFSan Luis ObispoWinery4$380,780 $90,812 2017/11/16
Cozad Trailer Sales LLC*Open PDFStockton and FresnoTrailer Manufacturing82$3,000,000 $800,000 2017/11/16
Cognitive Medical Systems, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoHealthcare Information Technology Services27$240,300 $500,000 2017/11/16
CJ America, Inc.Open PDFRiverside or San Bernardino CountySnack Food Manufacturing and Distribution70$90,000,000 $1,500,000 2017/11/16
Chef Works, Inc.Open PDFPowayApparel Manufacturer, Design, and Distribution Services83$5,360,000 $330,000 2017/11/16
Ceutix Labs LLCOpen PDFOceansidePharmaceutical Manufacturing and Testing3$313,000 $105,000 2017/11/16$105,000
CalPlant I LLC*Open PDFWillowsWood Product Manufacturing84$168,162,763 $2,000,000 2017/11/16
California Cloth Foundry, Inc.Open PDFSan Francisco and Los Angeles CountyClothing and Apparel Manufacturing13$0$75,000 2017/11/16$75,000
Califia Farms LLCOpen PDFBakersfield, Los Angeles, and Central ValleyBeverage Manufacturing300$43,110,000 $2,450,000 2017/11/16
Bluebird Freight Lines, Inc.Open PDFYuba CityTrucking Services6$555,000 $150,000 2017/11/16
BDP Technologies LLCOpen PDFBloomington, Los Angeles, Irvine, and Laguna HillsWastewater Treatment Technology Development and Services11$6,000,000 $360,000 2017/11/16
Arto Brick / California PaversOpen PDFGardenaTile and Brick Manufacturing25$3,600,000 $500,000 2017/11/16$500,000
Applied Statistics & Management, Inc.Open PDFTemeculaHuman Resources Software Development11$1,200,000 $250,000 2017/11/16
Applied Aerospace Structures Corp.*Open PDFStocktonAerospace Component Manufacturing51$6,700,000 $400,000 2017/11/16
AMS HR Services LLCOpen PDFSanta Rosa and Napa CountyManagement Consulting Services3$44,940 $105,000 2017/11/16
ALOM Technologies CorpOpen PDFFremont, Milpitas, San Leandro, and UnknownSupply Chain Management Services111$1,880,000 $1,000,000 2017/11/16
Alluxa, Inc.Open PDFSanta RosaOptical Filter and Coating Manufacturing38$9,920,000 $400,000 2017/11/16
Airgas USA LLC*Open PDFStocktonIndustrial Gas Supplier16$33,831,000 $500,000 2017/11/16
AcuraStem, Inc.Open PDFMonrovia and Los AngelesStem Cell Biotechnology Research and Development38$1,400,000 $1,000,000 2017/11/16
ACC-GWG LLC*Open PDFWilliamsFood Processing and Distribution5$2,850,000 $145,000 2017/11/16
5 Point Detail, Inc.Open PDFSan Diego, Costa Mesa, Santa Clara, and West HollywoodAutomobile Detailing Services15$793,886 $140,000 2017/11/16
4 Creeks, Inc.*Open PDFVisalia, Bakersfield, Fresno, and San Luis ObispoConstruction and Engineering Consulting Services30$3,599,000 $800,000 2017/11/16
4C Global, Inc.*Open PDFVisaliaGeneral Contracting15$1,390,000 $350,000 2017/11/16
ZipRecruiter, Inc.Open PDFSanta MonicaOnline Employment Services288$6,900,000 $1,000,000 2017/06/15
Wynstan USA, Inc.Open PDFCarson, Encino, and PasadenaHome Furnishing Wholesaler63$8,750,000 $300,000 2017/06/15
Workforce Equanimity LLCOpen PDFMcClellan Park and Elk GroveManagement Development Services9$23,750 $350,000 2017/06/15$350,000
Walter Anderson Plumbing, Inc.Open PDFEl Cajon and Imperial CountyPlumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors49$1,676,355 $340,000 2017/06/15
Urata & Sons Concrete, Inc.Open PDFRancho Cordova and OaklandGeneral Contractors55$850,000 $90,000 2017/06/15
Unique Elevator Interiors, Inc.Open PDFAlamedaElevator Interior Manufacturing and Installation12$213,781 $213,781 2017/06/15
TraitWare, Inc.Open PDFNevada CitySoftware Development21$525,200 $850,000 2017/06/15
TPG Payroll & HR Services, Inc.Open PDFRancho CucamongaPayroll Services33$1,735,000 $250,000 2017/06/15
Tom Malloy CorporationOpen PDFCompton, Bakersfield, and FresnoFabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing39$12,510,000 $595,000 2017/06/15
TheraEx Rehab Services, Inc.Open PDFNevada CityHealth Care Employment Recruiting25$0$300,000 2017/06/15
Tassin Scientific Services LLCOpen PDFFontanaElectronic and Precision Equipment Repair Services4$93,000 $100,000 2017/06/15
Sunrise MFG., Inc.Open PDFRancho CordovaFreight Securing Product Manufacturing and Services5$450,000 $40,000 2017/06/15
StreamGuys, Inc.*Open PDFSan Luis ObispoInternet Publishing and Broadcasting19$375,000 $250,000 2017/06/15
Solatube International, Inc.Open PDFVistaLighting Manufacturing9$2,000,000 $250,000 2017/06/15
SoCal Tankless, Inc.Open PDFSan Juan CapistranoMajor Household Appliance Sales and Installation Services2$40,000 $20,000 2017/06/15
Signature Analytics LLCOpen PDFSan Diego, Irvine, and Long BeachAccounting Services89$538,000 $550,000 2017/06/15
Sierra Technical Services, Inc.*Open PDFTehachapiAerospace Component Manufacturing64$1,092,000 $600,000 2017/06/15
Showdogs, Inc.Open PDFSan MarcosSunshade Manufacturing26$600,000 $500,000 2017/06/15
Schlosser Forge CompanyOpen PDFRancho CucamongaAircraft Parts Manufacturing86$51,485,000 $2,000,000 2017/06/15
Scenario Cockram USA, Inc.Open PDFSan FernandoArchitectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing146$525,000 $1,250,000 2017/06/15
Sacco & Sacco Insurance Brokers LLCOpen PDFFolsomFinancial and Insurance Services6$36,000 $100,000 2017/06/15
Qmerit, Inc.Open PDFIrvineSoftware Development70$134,000 $500,000 2017/06/15
Prolacta Bioscience, Inc.Open PDFDuarte, City of Industry, and UnknownBiological Product Manufacturing266$20,100,000 $2,000,000 2017/06/15
Polypeptide Laboratories, Inc.Open PDFTorrance and San DiegoMedicinal and Botanical Manufacturing48$20,000,000 $1,100,000 2017/06/15
Pharmavite LLCOpen PDFWest Hills and CalabasasMedicinal and Botanical Manufacturing80$20,000,000 $2,000,000 2017/06/15
Peter Pepper Products, Inc.*Open PDFComptonFurniture Manufacturing6$190,000 $120,000 2017/06/15
ORDO AB CHAO DesignOpen PDFLong Beach and Los AngelesProduct Development, Design, and Manufacturing 28$1,880,000 $250,000 2017/06/15$250,000
Orange Boxer Operations LLCOpen PDFOntarioCorrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing82$4,513,749 $1,000,000 2017/06/15$1,000,000
OCS Construction Services, Inc.Open PDFRiverside, San Bernardino, and San DiegoGeneral Contractors13$1,125,000 $200,000 2017/06/15
New Health PartnersOpen PDFLos AngelesSurgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing5$330,000 $80,000 2017/06/15
Natural Networks, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoComputer System Design Services3$90,000 $25,000 2017/06/15
MJ Avila Company, Inc.*Open PDFFresno and KermanGeneral Contractors4$300,000 $150,000 2017/06/15
Medidata Solutions, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoResearch and Development in Biotechnology129$5,882,500 $2,000,000 2017/06/15
Martin Materials Solutions, Inc.Open PDFCamarilloAerospace Component Manufacturing6$700,000 $100,000 2017/06/15
Mann Packing Co., Inc.Open PDFGonzalezFruit and Vegetable Food Processing122$53,400,000 $300,000 2017/06/15$300,000
Maintex, Inc.Open PDFCity of Industry and PowaySanitation Products Manufacturing6$600,000
$40,000 2017/06/15
Mainstream Tours, Inc.*Open PDFSan Bernardino and San JacintoSpecial Needs Transportation Services30$2,431,000 $500,000 2017/06/15
LuLaRoe LLCOpen PDFCorona, Fontana, and LakewoodClothing Manufacturing and Wholesaler1362$120,000,000 $6,400,000 2017/06/15
LinkSource Technologies LLCOpen PDFRosevilleManagement Consulting Services6$25,000 $35,000 2017/06/15
KV Structures, Inc.Open PDFRough and ReadyPower and Communication Line Construction11$5,000,000 $198,000 2017/06/15
Kim Rollo Emanuel LLCOpen PDFBeniciaToiletry Product Manufacturing12$121,000 $210,980 2017/06/15$210,980
KDR Pet Treats LLC*Open PDFFresnoDog Food Manufacturing6$7,510,000 $200,000 2017/06/15
inMarket Media LLCOpen PDFVeniceApplications Development and Publishing51$3,644,474 $810,000 2017/06/15
IF Holding II LLCOpen PDFSanger and FresnoOrganic Food Processing31$12,675,499 $750,000 2017/06/15
IDEO LPOpen PDFSan Francisco and Palo AltoWeb Design and Marketing Services73$10,704,736 $700,000 2017/06/15
Hyve Solutions CorporationOpen PDFFremontComputer Server Manufacturing157$11,500,000 $1,500,000 2017/06/15
Hyperikon, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoLED Light Manufacturing75$10,250,000 $975,000 2017/06/15
HealthQuest Laboratories, Inc.Open PDFTustin and Santa AnaMedical Laboratories60$1,450,000 $400,000 2017/06/15
Hayk, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoAutomotive Repair and Maintenance Services30$2,152,000 $280,000 2017/06/15$280,000
Green Chef Corporation*Open PDFFresnoNatural, Organic, and Specialty Food Distribution337$17,245,316 $2,500,000 2017/06/15
Graphic Image Label, Inc.Open PDFChula VistaCommercial Printers4$229,500 $100,000 2017/06/15
Gracefully Global Group LLCOpen PDFHaywardBook Publishers3$5,000 $30,000 2017/06/15$30,000
Golden State Lumber, Inc.Open PDFConcord, Richmond, and San Francisco Lumber Sales and Distribution56$9,849,758 $500,000 2017/06/15
GFP Ethanol LLC*Open PDFPixleyEthanol and Biofuel Manufacturing12$5,200,000 $350,000 2017/06/15
Gemini Duplication, Inc.Open PDFRocklinData Processing, Hosting, and Related Services34$805,000 $135,000 2017/06/15
GAC R&D Center Silicon Valley, Inc. Open PDFSan JoseAutonomous Vehicle Research and Development50$20,500,000 $1,200,000 2017/06/15
Frankel Reichman & Rizzo LLPOpen PDFLos AngelesForensic Accounting Services5$425,359 $100,000 2017/06/15
Flexport, Inc.Open PDFSanta Monica, Carson, and San FranciscoSoftware Publishing486$2,235,000 $1,000,000 2017/06/15
Excelsior Metals, Inc.*Open PDFFresnoFabricated Metal Product Manufacturing9$3,618,000 $135,000 2017/06/15
Exactuals LLCOpen PDFLos AngelesData Processing, Hosting, and Payment Services64$425,000 $760,000 2017/06/15
EW Corporation*Open PDFEl CentroFabricated Metal Product Manufacturing13$460,000 $115,000 2017/06/15
Entekra, Inc.*Open PDFRiponPrefabricated Building Manufacturing84$10,373,000 $750,000 2017/06/15
EarthAid LLCOpen PDFValenciaDisaster Preparedness Product Retailers9$200,000 $50,000 2017/06/15$50,000
DRB Systems LLCOpen PDFFontanaApplications Development and Publishing9$263,380 $80,000 2017/06/15$80,000
Dockstader & Dockstader, Inc.*Open PDFFresno and ClovisAutomotive Repair and Maintenance37$1,907,250 $280,000 2017/06/15$280,000
DDs Bakery, Inc.*Open PDFFresnoCommercial Bakery13$1,617,532 $200,000 2017/06/15
Cook General Engineering, Inc. Open PDFRancho CordovaSite Preparation Contractors25$1,305,000 $50,000 2017/06/15
Columbus Manufacturing, Inc.Open PDFHaywardMeat Products Processing123$34,300,000 $600,000 2017/06/15
Cliniqa CorporationOpen PDFSan MarcosIn-Vitro Diagnostic Substance Manufacturing24$8,800,000 $350,000 2017/06/15
Clark PacificOpen PDFStanford, Woodland, and AdelantoPrecast Concrete Products Manufacturing319$12,168,000 $1,500,000 2017/06/15
Chequers Financial ManagementOpen PDFSan FranciscoFinancial Management Services6$100,000 $50,000 2017/06/15
Charge Bliss, Inc.Open PDFRichmond and CarsonElectric Systems Manufacturing and Installation Services65$2,250,000 $1,250,000 2017/06/15
Ceramic Pro LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoPaint Coating and Adhesive Manufacturing19$63,000 $150,000 2017/06/15
CenCal Solar, Inc.*Open PDFClovisSolar Installation Services10$90,000 $100,000 2017/06/15$100,000
Calamco NH3 LLC*Open PDFTaftFertilizer Manufacturing24$114,190,784 $650,000 2017/06/15
Boehringer Ingelheim Fremont, Inc.Open PDFFremontResearch and Development in Biotechnology258$122,000,000 $7,500,000 2017/06/15
Axiom Medical, Inc.Open PDFTorranceSurgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing11$340,000 $100,000 2017/06/15
Arrowroot Capital Management LLCOpen PDFSanta MonicaFinancial Management Services19$115,000 $250,000 2017/06/15
Amy H. Wynn, dba Wynn Coastal PlanningOpen PDFFort BraggEnvironmental Consulting Services6$95,600 $95,600 2017/06/15
American Renewable Power LLC*Open PDFLoyaltonBiomass Electric Power Generation21$10,727,185 $700,000 2017/06/15$700,000
Altius CPAOpen PDFSacramentoAccounting Services3$61,000 $40,000 2017/06/15
All-Weather Architectural Aluminum, Inc.Open PDFVacavilleMetal Window and Door Manufacturing45$4,750,000 $275,000 2017/06/15
Affinity Sports LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoCustom Computer Services35$2,931,505 $275,000 2017/06/15
Actagro LLC*Open PDFBiolaFertilizer Manufacturing24$8,050,000 $840,000 2017/06/15$840,000
Acco Engineered Systems, Inc.Open PDFGlendalePlumbing, Heating, and, Air-Conditioning Contractors257$43,300,000 $1,650,000 2017/06/15
23 Bottles of Beer LLCOpen PDFWindsorCraft Brewing70$44,645,303 $1,500,000 2017/06/15
1-888-4-Abatement, Inc.Open PDFChico and Rancho CordovaHazardous Material Removal Services18$640,000 $85,000 2017/06/15
Zeno Tax Solutions LLC*Open PDFEurekaAccounting Services6$244,000 $200,000 2017/04/13
Zenith Manufacturing, Inc.Open PDFSun ValleyMarine and Aerospace Component Manufacturing11$300,000 $200,000 2017/04/13
Younger Mfg. Co.Open PDFTorrance and Los Angeles CountyEyeglass Manufacturing56$10,050,000 $735,000 2017/04/13
Wipro LimitedOpen PDFMountain ViewInformation Technology Consulting Services304$8,133,740 $2,000,000 2017/04/13$2,000,000
Western Engineering Contractors, Inc.Open PDFLoomisEngineering Services23$5,000,000 $130,000 2017/04/13
Watsonville Auto BodyOpen PDFSalinas, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and FreedomAutomotive Repair24$2,470,500 $280,000 2017/04/13
Ventura Health Care, Inc.Open PDFNewport Beach, Coronado, and IrvineHealthcare Administration64$3,128,750 $250,000 2017/04/13
Vege Mist, Inc.*Open PDFComptonDisplay Fixtures Manufacturing32$5,000,000 $1,250,000 2017/04/13
Van Duerr Industries, Inc.Open PDFChicoIndustrial Machinery Manufacturing38$3,842,550 $75,000 2017/04/13
Universal Audio, Inc.Open PDFScotts ValleyAudio and Visual Equipment Manufacturing27$3,023,091 $300,000 2017/04/13
United Material HandlingOpen PDFPerrisWarehouse Equipment Distribution and Installation Services91$9,687,000 $1,000,000 2017/04/13$1,000,000
Trailer Park, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesMotion Picture and Video Production131$32,360,000 $1,500,000 2017/04/13
Tracey Rivera Insurance Agency, Inc.Open PDFImperial Beach and San DiegoInsurance Agencies and Brokerages6$85,000 $200,000 2017/04/13
Top-Tier Engineering, Inc.Open PDFOntario and MercedElectrical Engineering Services39$1,158,000 $360,000 2017/04/13$360,000
The New IEM LLCOpen PDFFremontElectrical System Manufacturing and Installation90$6,000,000 $1,075,500 2017/04/13
The Marketing Department, Inc.Open PDFSalinas, Monterey, and San DiegoOnline Marketing Consulting Services9$1,022,500 $300,000 2017/04/13
The Hive Digital Marketing, Inc.Open PDFFairfax and San RafaelWeb Design and Marketing4$615,000 $120,000 2017/04/13
Symphony Financial Planning LLC*Open PDFDavisFinancial Planning and Management Services3$268,600 $100,000 2017/04/13
Survios, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesSoftware Development200$6,543,400 $1,900,000 2017/04/13
Sunset Aviation LLCOpen PDFPetalumaAircraft Management Services77$275,000 $1,100,000 2017/04/13
Stretch Solutions LLCOpen PDFCoronaFabricated Metal Product Manufacturing5$260,000 $100,000 2017/04/13
Stillwater Family Therapy Group, Inc.Open PDFGardenaMental Health Services9$8,000 $145,600 2017/04/13$145,600
South Bay BiomicsOpen PDFTorranceMedical Laboratories7$325,300 $200,000 2017/04/13$200,000
SOR Technology LLCOpen PDFCarlsbad and San Diego CountyOnline Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services80$1,705,000 $600,000 2017/04/13
Sonoma Springs Brewing Company LLCOpen PDFSonoma and VacavilleBrewery17$1,485,000 $200,000 2017/04/13
SoCal Packaging Repair, Inc.Open PDFChinoWarehouse Equipment Installation and Repair Services8$226,150 $50,000 2017/04/13
Simplexity Product Development, Inc.Open PDFSan Diego and SunnyvaleEngineering Services11$58,500 $175,000 2017/04/13
Sherpa Clinical Packaging LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoBiomedical and Biotechnology Shipping Equipment Manufacturing and Services41$4,650,000 $175,000 2017/04/13
ServiceTitan, Inc.Open PDFGlendaleSoftware Development177$4,036,369 $2,500,000 2017/04/13
SCG- Spicer Consulting Group LLCOpen PDFMurrietaFinancial Planning and Management Services8$27,800 $48,000 2017/04/13
San Francisco Spice CompanyOpen PDFWoodlandFood Manufacturing24$25,000,000 $650,000 2017/04/13
San Antonio Winery, Inc.Open PDFLos Angeles, Ontario, and Paso RoblesWinery33$15,430,000 $475,000 2017/04/13
Samuel C. DerouinOpen PDFOaklandFabricated Metal Product Manufacturing2$85,000 $45,000 2017/04/13
Safeway, Inc.Open PDFMerced, or Merced and RiversideFood Manufacturing51$23,000,000 $1,250,000 2017/04/13
RuffStuff, Inc.Open PDFLoomisAutomotive Parts Manufacturing18$964,000 $110,000 2017/04/13
RRS Accounting Services, Inc.Open PDFLaguna HillsAccounting Services9$99,400 $250,000 2017/04/13
Rocket Composites, Inc.Open PDFWest SacramentoCarbon Fiber Manufacturing10$485,000 $115,000 2017/04/13
Renovate America, Inc.Open PDFSan Diego and San Francisco CountiesEnergy Efficiency Consulting Services542$24,400,000 $5,475,000 2017/04/13$5,475,000
Regent Aerospace CorporationOpen PDFValenciaAirplane Interior Repair20$10,500,000 $200,000 2017/04/13
RedNight Consulting, Inc.Open PDFAliso ViejoInformation Technology Services22$142,800 $150,000 2017/04/13
Psyonix, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoVideo Game Developer69$11,893,030 $1,200,000 2017/04/13$1,200,000
Proterra, Inc.Open PDFCity of Industry and BurlingameElectric Automobile Manufacturing432$85,967,500 $7,500,000 2017/04/13
Procore Technologies, Inc.Open PDFCarpinteria, San Jose, and San DiegoSoftware Developer739$4,690,000 $2,500,000 2017/04/13
Prism AerospaceOpen PDFCoronaAerospace Component Manufacturing23$6,000,000 $600,000 2017/04/13
Printopya LLCOpen PDFReddingBook Publishing5$165,000 $75,000 2017/04/13
Plan Tierra LLCOpen PDFDavisEnvironmental Consulting Services8$258,717 $150,000 2017/04/13$150,000
PCTest Engineering Laboratory, Inc.Open PDFSan Jose and Morgan HillElectronic Device Testing Services17$25,000,000 $400,000 2017/04/13
Pacific Auto Recycling Center, Inc.Open PDFLancasterAutomotive Recycling Services78$1,300,000 $1,000,000 2017/04/13
Officengine, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoSoftware Development16$45,000 $125,000 2017/04/13
NuVasive, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoMedical Device Manufacturing245$36,008,000 $3,000,000 2017/04/13
North Star Sensors LLCOpen PDFOceansideThermometer Manufacturer5$197,000 $100,000 2017/04/13
Newomics, Inc.Open PDFEmeryvilleBiotechnology Research and Development8$19,000 $100,000 2017/04/13
New City Executive Insurance Services LLCOpen PDFSan Diego, Los Angeles, and San FranciscoFinancial and Insurance Services13$677,000 $100,000 2017/04/13
Nevro CorpOpen PDFRedwood CityMedical Device Design and Manufacturing216$19,175 $2,000,000 2017/04/13
N3X MSP, Inc.*Open PDFYuba City and RosevilleInformation Technology Services6$303,530 $75,000 2017/04/13
mPulse Mobile, Inc.Open PDFEncinoMobile Device Application and Software Developer44$0$175,000 2017/04/13
Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.Open PDFIrvine, Berkeley, and San DiegoEmission Testing Services63$6,286,500 $750,000 2017/04/13
MinowCPA CorporationOpen PDFNewport Beach and Santa AnaAccounting Services8$1,700,000 $20,000 2017/04/13
Milano Technical Group, Inc.*Open PDFMercedAgricultural Equipment Manufacturing20$2,270,000 $400,000 2017/04/13
MFour Mobile Research, Inc.Open PDFIrvine and Orange CountyMobile Application Development77$1,050,000 $680,000 2017/04/13
Meridian Investment Counsel, Inc.Open PDFSan LeandroBusiness Management Consulting Services4$318,700 $150,000 2017/04/13
MatterHackers, Inc.Open PDFFoothill Ranch3D Printer Manufacturing and sales77$1,225,000 $380,000 2017/04/13
Mather Aviation LLCOpen PDFMatherAircraft Engine and Engine Parts Maintenance6$6,290,000 $200,000 2017/04/13
Materion Brush, Inc.Open PDFFremontChemical and Adhesive Manufacturing11$3,146,750 $250,000 2017/04/13$250,000
Mansell Designs LLCOpen PDFTemeculaAnatomical Model Manufacturing2$134,860 $65,000 2017/04/13
MacKinnon Products LLCOpen PDFSonomaEquine Therapy Product Manufacturing4$178,500 $50,000 2017/04/13
Maas Energy Works, Inc.Open PDFRedding and GaltBiogas Energy Services13$1,800,000 $491,000 2017/04/13
Lulu's Fashion Lounge, Inc.*Open PDFChico and Los AngelesClothing Manufacturing167$6,824,715 $750,000 2017/04/13
Lieb Cody & Co., CPAs Inc.Open PDFTorranceAccounting Services2$249,950 $50,000 2017/04/13
Labcon, North AmericaOpen PDFPetalumaPlastics Manufacturing47$17,420,000 $800,000 2017/04/13
J. Moraga Construction, Inc.*Open PDFMercedCommercial and Institutional Building Construction Services49$1,960,500 $250,000 2017/04/13
IBISWorld, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesBusiness Research and Publishing47$250,000 $971,655 2017/04/13$971,655
Hulu LLCOpen PDFSan Francisco, Santa Monica, and NovatoOnline Streaming Media Service Provider410$109,656,500 $4,260,600 2017/04/13
Honey Science CorporationOpen PDFLos Angeles and Santa BarbaraSoftware Development254$10,256,000 $2,500,000 2017/04/13$2,500,000
Hodo, Inc.Open PDFSacramento and OaklandFood Manufacturing54$2,253,200 $400,000 2017/04/13
HM Systems, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoHealthcare Services18$899,000 $500,000 2017/04/13
Griswold & Griswold Insurance Agency, Inc.Open PDFTorranceFinancial and Insurance Services8$101,600 $147,500 2017/04/13$147,500
George Fischer CorporationOpen PDFEl Monte, Bakersfield, and IrvinePipe Manufacturing42$5,400,000 $500,000 2017/04/13
General Motors CompanyOpen PDFSan FranciscoAutomobile Manufacturing1163$14,000,000 $8,000,000 2017/04/13
GearLaunch, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoOnline Payment Services72$320,000 $495,000 2017/04/13$495,000
Fleet Guy LLCOpen PDFSacramentoVehicle Refurbishing Services28$380,000 $100,000 2017/04/13
Flavor Insights LLCOpen PDFBeniciaFood and Beverage Manufacturing17$2,951,000 $550,000 2017/04/13
First Pick Builders, Inc.Open PDFLakeportConstruction Services19$1,341,000 $450,000 2017/04/13$450,000
Fine Construction, Inc.Open PDFTruckeeConstruction Services4$50,000 $40,000 2017/04/13$40,000
Fanatics Retail Group Fulfillment, Inc.Open PDFSan MateoOnline Retail Warehouse and Distribution235$400,000 $1,000,000 2017/04/13
Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc.*Open PDFModestoChemical Manufacturing14$2,375,500 $400,000 2017/04/13
El Centro Lanes, Inc.*Open PDFEl CentroBowling Alley5$65,000 $100,000 2017/04/13$100,000
Durham Construction Company, Inc.*Open PDFFresno CountyConstruction Services6$250,000 $140,000 2017/04/13
Diyotta, Inc.Open PDFUnknownSoftware Development44$200,000 $1,000,000 2017/04/13$1,000,000
Digital-Telepathy, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoWeb and Product Design and Marketing Services15$350,000 $275,000 2017/04/13$275,000
Diakont Advanced Technologies, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoRobotics Manufacturing28$6,796,160 $250,000 2017/04/13
David PeelOpen PDFHuntington BeachOnline Marketing and Advertising5$75,000 $125,000 2017/04/13
Cutwater Spirits, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoBeverage Manufacturing64$17,000,000 $2,000,000 2017/04/13
Crossinstall, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoMobile Application Development75$294,400 $775,000 2017/04/13$775,000
Critical StructuresOpen PDFAnaheim and LomitaArchitectural and Engineering Consulting Services7$90,000 $225,000 2017/04/13
CPA Insight, Inc.Open PDFFremontAccounting and Financial Management Services2$48,000 $30,000 2017/04/13
Course Hero, Inc.Open PDFRedwood CityEducational Online Services265$22,885,000 $3,300,000 2017/04/13
Cornerstone Eye CenterOpen PDFRowland HeightsOphthalmologic Surgery and Related Services5$225,000 $50,000 2017/04/13
Cool Steam Pasteurization LLC*Open PDFMaderaFood and Beverage Manufacturing19$3,511,650 $450,000 2017/04/13
Compass California, Inc.Open PDFBeverly Hills, San Francisco, and San DiegoOnline Real Estate Services77$16,600,000 $1,500,000 2017/04/13
Civitas Advisors, Inc.*Open PDFSacramentoConsulting Services7$86,330 $200,000 2017/04/13
Chief Digital Advisors LLCOpen PDFCarlsbadE-Commerce Technology and Marketing Services36$141,500 $275,000 2017/04/13
Charlie MaranoOpen PDFSacramentoGraphic Design Services11$460,000 $75,000 2017/04/13
Central Valley Eggs LLC*Open PDFWasco, Bakersfield, and Kern CountyAgricultural Food Processing53$149,379,414 $1,850,000 2017/04/13
Calm Computing, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoInformation Technology Services12$0$50,000 2017/04/13$50,000
Cabeau, Inc.Open PDFWoodland HillsTravel Accessory Design51$3,000,000 $600,000 2017/04/13
Biospyder Technologies, Inc.Open PDFCarlsbadBiotechnology Research and Development39$1,005,000 $425,000 2017/04/13
Berkeley Forge & Tool, Inc.Open PDFBerkeleyTool Manufacturing10$1,500,000 $170,000 2017/04/13$170,000
Bargas Environmental Consulting LLCOpen PDFSacramento and Los AngelesEnvironmental Consulting Services13$193,600 $250,000 2017/04/13
Anthony G. AvilaOpen PDFFresnoEngineering Services5$490,000 $150,000 2017/04/13
AMC CPAs & ConsultantsOpen PDFLos AngelesAccounting Services3$0$42,000 2017/04/13
Agromillora California, Inc.Open PDFGridleyTree Nursery65$9,200,000 $150,000 2017/04/13$150,000
Advanced Spectral Technology, Inc.Open PDFSimi ValleyOptical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing24$825,000 $500,000 2017/04/13
3D Systems, Inc.Open PDFSan Diego3D Printer Manufacturing89$8,000,000 $550,000 2017/04/13$550,000
Yamaha Corporation of AmericaOpen PDFBuena Park and IrvineAudio and Visual Equipment Manufacturing66$46,080,000 $3,000,000 2016/11/17
Willdan Group, Inc.Open PDFAnaheim, Fresno, City of Industry, and OaklandEngineering and Energy Efficiency Consulting Services100$2,700,000 $845,000 2016/11/17
Vortex Engineering LLCOpen PDFSanteeMarine and Aerospace Component Manufacturing7$145,200 $200,000 2016/11/17
Verimatrix, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoCustom Computer Programming Services33$100,000 $200,000 2016/11/17$200,000
Ulta, Inc.Open PDFCentral ValleyOnline Order Fulfillment Warehouse and Retail Distribution542$48,300,500 $8,000,000 2016/11/17
Tiffany Jorge, Inc.Open PDFNorth HighlandsApparel Manufacturer, Design and Distribution Services17$85,000 $30,000 2016/11/17$30,000
Tempo Software LLCOpen PDFFolsomHuman Resources and Timekeeping Software Developer11$172,500 $172,000 2016/11/17$172,000
Techmer PM LLCOpen PDFRancho Dominguez,Polymer Materials Design and Manufacturing14$3,140,000 $400,000 2016/11/17
Stochastech CorporationOpen PDFLos AngelesData Analysis Services4$0$40,000 2016/11/17
Sosolimited LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoIT Digital Design and Marketing Services2$509,175 $75,000 2016/11/17$75,000
SlideBelts, Inc.Open PDFEl Dorado HillsClothing and Garment Manufacturing8$364,900 $100,000 2016/11/17
Sequoia Solution LLCOpen PDFSolana Beach, San Francisco, and Orange CountyHealthcare Consulting Services182$41,000 $2,500,000 2016/11/17$2,500,000
Scopely, Inc.Open PDFCulver CityMobile Application Development309$53,468,069 $5,500,000 2016/11/17
ResolutionCare, PCOpen PDFEurekaHealthcare Administration95$0$84,000 2016/11/17
ResolutionCare Network LLCOpen PDFEurekaHealthcare Administration14$30,000 $54,180 2016/11/17
Rambition, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoIT Digital Marketing Services2$6,000 $20,000 2016/11/17$20,000
Pscore, Inc.Open PDFAliso ViejoInformation Technology Consulting and Data Center Management34$36,000 $250,000 2016/11/17$250,000
Prudhomme Associates C.P.A., Inc.Open PDFTemeculaAccounting Services2$229,698 $65,000 2016/11/17
Primo Wind, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoRenewable Energy Services8$5,000,000 $85,000 2016/11/17$51,000
Premier Concrete Cutting, Inc.Open PDFRosevilleCustom Residential Concrete Services5$363,786 $75,000 2016/11/17
Polaris Energy Services, Inc.Open PDFVisalia and ClovisEnergy Efficiency Consulting Services11$247,000 $250,000 2016/11/17
Plazita Schools, Inc.Open PDFOaklandDay Care Services26$740,000 $150,000 2016/11/17
Plan C Group, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesMarketing and Communication Services4$240,000 $105,000 2016/11/17
PHA Professional Services, Inc.Open PDFSan ClementePlumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning Installation and Repair Services9$475,000 $100,000 2016/11/17$80,000
Perspective Consulting LLCOpen PDFLos Angeles and Culver CityManagement Consulting Services2$9,000 $36,500 2016/11/17
Partners in Control, Inc.Open PDFIrvineRenewable Energy Services22$327,351 $160,000 2016/11/17$64,000
Palecek Imports, Inc.Open PDFRichmondFurniture Design and Manufacturing34$310,000 $750,000 2016/11/17
New Helvetia Brewing Company, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoBrewery8$440,300 $124,500 2016/11/17
Navajo Pipelines, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoConstruction Services12$480,000 $25,000 2016/11/17$10,000
Natoma Technologies, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoCustom Computer Programming Services65$267,080 $225,000 2016/11/17
Nanotech Energy, Inc.Open PDFNorthern CaliforniaBattery Manufacturing48$21,046,386 $1,200,000 2016/11/17
Mountain Medics, Inc.Open PDFDunsmuirHealthcare Services5$180,000 $100,000 2016/11/17
Moreno Valley Collision, Inc.Open PDFCorona and Moreno ValleyAutomotive Repair33$3,595,000 $320,000 2016/11/17
Miller and Company Mechanical Services, Inc.Open PDFRancho Cordova and CoolHeating and Air-Conditioning Installation and Repair Services14$700,000 $37,500 2016/11/17$37,500
MalwareBytes CorporationOpen PDFSanta ClaraCybersecurity Software Developer367$7,799,758 $2,300,000 2016/11/17
Lyons Magnus, Inc.Open PDFFresnoFruit Product Manufacturing10$4,025,000 $99,000 2016/11/17
Light 4 LifeOpen PDFInglewoodCandle Manufacturing22$75,000 $60,000 2016/11/17
Lancelot's Plumbing Service LLCOpen PDFMira LomaPlumbing Services5$343,500 $20,000 2016/11/17$20,000
Kite Pharma, Inc.Open PDFEl Segundo, Santa Monica, and Los AngelesBiopharmaceutical Research and Development and Manufacturing621$114,802,459 $7,000,000 2016/11/17$7,000,000
JLS Environmental ServicesOpen PDFLoomisConstruction Services76$3,480,000 $155,000 2016/11/17$155,000
Indie Source, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesClothing and Garment Manufacturing18$176,560 $300,000 2016/11/17
Huhtamaki, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoFood and Beverage Packaging Design and Manufacturing38$15,208,000 $310,000 2016/11/17
Houston Manufacturing & Installation, Inc.Open PDFCeresFabricated Metal Product Manufacturing15$3,644,000 $70,000 2016/11/17$70,000
Gutterglove, Inc.Open PDFRosevilleFabricated Metal Product Manufacturing39$1,492,000 $60,000 2016/11/17
Greenway Partners, IncorporatedOpen PDFArcataEngineering Consulting Services8$293,300 $140,000 2016/11/17$140,000
Grange Cooperative Supply AssociationOpen PDFYuba CityLivestock Feed Manufacturing35$2,495,000 $314,500 2016/11/17$314,500
GoFundMe, Inc.Open PDFRedwood City and San DiegoOnline Fundraising Services328$1,280,000 $900,000 2016/11/17$360,000
Freedom Aero Service, Inc.Open PDFMcClellanAerospace Component Manufacturing2$245,000 $60,000 2016/11/17
Fehr & PeersOpen PDFOakland, Sacramento, and San DiegoEngineering Consulting Services44$186,140 $60,000 2016/11/17$48,000
Feedonomics LLCOpen PDFWoodland HillsInformation Technology Services29$15,720 $60,000 2016/11/17
Dream Enrichment Classes, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoEducational Instruction Services2$238,510 $40,000 2016/11/17
DNA Electronics, Inc.Open PDFCarlsbadBiotechnology Research and Development48$8,597,500 $250,000 2016/11/17
DAA Draexlmaier Automotive of America LLCOpen PDFLivermoreAutomobile Parts Manufacturing326$25,000,000 $3,000,000 2016/11/17
Composite Engineering, IncOpen PDFRoseville and SacramentoUnmanned Aerial Systems Manufacturing119$21,834,190 $679,564 2016/11/17
Colusa County Farm Supply, Inc.Open PDFArtoisAgricultural Supplier and Consulting Services15$6,600,000 $400,000 2016/11/17
Chamness Biodegradables LLCOpen PDFCamarilloFood and Beverage Packaging Design and Manufacturing25$4,210,000 $750,000 2016/11/17$750,000
Centene CorporationOpen PDFSacramentoHealthcare Administration1532$100,121,000 $7,000,000 2016/11/17
Burrell Consulting Group, Inc.Open PDFRosevilleEngineering Consulting Services13$440,000 $270,000 2016/11/17
Bruce A. Havens, DDS, Inc.Open PDFSelma and FresnoOrthodontics and Dental Surgery6$914,000 $150,000 2016/11/17
Brian M. LevyOpen PDFIrvineFinancial Planning and Management Services5$125,000 $125,000 2016/11/17
Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.Open PDFSan Diego and OaklandSolar Power System Design, Construction, and Installation35$300,000 $500,000 2016/11/17
Bluebeam, Inc.Open PDFPasadena and San DiegoSoftware Development223$6,780,000 $1,500,000 2016/11/17
BioLegend, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoBiologic Product Manufacturing258$99,100,000 $3,300,000 2016/11/17
Bell Brother's Heating and Air, Inc.Open PDFAuburn, Elk Grove, Fairfield, Manteca, and MatherHeating and Air-Conditioning Installation and Repair Services98$3,385,250 $590,000 2016/11/17
Balloon Emporium and Party Store, Inc.Open PDFGlendaleParty Supply Distributor9$2,442,000 $200,000 2016/11/17
B&B Locating, Inc.Open PDFSacramento and PlacervilleUtility Construction Consulting Services6$820,000 $150,000 2016/11/17
Axure Software Solutions, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoWeb Development Services71$4,934,000 $280,000 2016/11/17$280,000
Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.Open PDFThousand OaksBiopharmaceutical Research and Development and Manufacturing206$40,431,000 $2,000,000 2016/11/17
Arup North America LimitedOpen PDFLos Angeles and San FranciscoConstruction and Engineering Consulting Services96$832,281 $375,000 2016/11/17
Amy BraunOpen PDFAnaheimArchitectural Services5$75,000 $20,000 2016/11/17$20,000
American Psychiatric Centers, Inc.Open PDFSacramento, Culver City, Irvine, and San RafaelMental Health Services22$166,000 $700,000 2016/11/17
American Chiller Service, Inc.Open PDFRancho CordovaHeating and Air-Conditioning Installation and Repair Services27$210,000 $70,000 2016/11/17$42,000
ALA IT, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoCloud-based Information and Data Evaluation Services2$462,348 $48,000 2016/11/17
3 Heads, Inc.Open PDFEl Dorado HillsWeb Design and Marketing14$275,000 $90,000 2016/11/17$90,000
Waterfi LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoAudio and Video Equipment Manufacturing7$95,000 $75,000 2016/06/16$75,000
Vets 4 You, Inc.Open PDFOceansidePlumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Services16$523,500 $400,000 2016/06/16$400,000
Ultimate Formulations, Inc.Open PDFCity of IndustryPharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing35$6,111,000 $450,000 2016/06/16
Two Q, Inc.Open PDFFresnoOnline Marketing and Advertising12$105,800 $100,000 2016/06/16
Trusted American Insurance Agency, Inc.Open PDFRoseville and RocklinInsurance Agencies and Brokerages23$414,100 $98,000 2016/06/16
Triumph Fabrications - San Diego, Inc.Open PDFEl CajonAerospace Component Manufacturing100$12,027,432 $1,500,000 2016/06/16$1,500,000
Tipsy Elves LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoClothing Manufacturing35$400,415 $100,000 2016/06/16
The TALK Team, Inc.Open PDFFresnoSpeech Therapy Services13$238,500 $75,000 2016/06/16
Telcion Communications GroupOpen PDFTurlockTelecommunications Consulting Services14$270,000 $60,000 2016/06/16
Technicate Solutions, Inc.Open PDFRancho CordovaCustom Computer Programming Services9$210,000 $75,000 2016/06/16
Stage One Financial LLCOpen PDFAnaheimAccounting Services10$35,000 $30,000 2016/06/16
SMT, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoTranslation and Interpretation Services2$20,000 $20,000 2016/06/16$20,000
Sacramento Venture One LLCOpen PDFMcClellanData Center Construction and Management58$475,200,000 $1,200,000 2016/06/16
Revolutions Naturopathic Medical Solutions, Inc.Open PDFRosevilleNaturopathic Health Care8$221,000 $100,000 2016/06/16
Repsco, Inc.Open PDFModesto and RiverbankLogistics and Storage Component Manufacturing27$1,850,000 $50,000 2016/06/16$50,000
Qico, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoCremation Equipment Manufacturing80$14,500,000 $1,600,000 2016/06/16
Processing Point, Inc.Open PDFCarlsbadComputer Systems Design Services65$240,000 $115,000 2016/06/16
Precision One Medical, Inc.Open PDFOceansideMedical Device Manufacturing57$6,040,000 $453,751 2016/06/16$453,751
Pre-Con ProductsOpen PDFSuisun and Simi ValleyConcrete Structure Manufacturing26$4,000,000 $250,000 2016/06/16
Pivot Technology Solutions, Ltd.Open PDFHuntington Beach, San Diego, and Santa Clara CountyComputer Systems Design and Consulting Services30$4,140,000 $300,000 2016/06/16$300,000
Physiologic Instruments, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoMedical Instrument Manufacturing2$180,000 $50,000 2016/06/16$50,000
Pacific Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.Open PDFRancho CucamongaPharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing14$6,129,150 $400,000 2016/06/16$400,000
Pabst Brewing Company LLCOpen PDFNorthern or Central CaliforniaBreweries328$400,000,000 $3,047,500 2016/06/16$3,047,500
OWB Packers LLCOpen PDFBrawleyBeef Processing605$38,500,000 $6,000,000 2016/06/16
Opti-Fit International, Inc.Open PDFRancho Cordova and FolsomHealth and Fitness Center Business Management Services9$505,000 $90,000 2016/06/16$20,000
On-Time Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.Open PDFPleasantonHeating and Air-Conditioning Services98$3,391,250 $500,000 2016/06/16
OmniUpdate, Inc.Open PDFCamarilloIT Digital Marketing and Communication Services56$500,000 $150,000 2016/06/16$150,000
Nieco CorporationOpen PDFWindsorRestaurant Equipment Manufacturing19$3,643,600 $550,000 2016/06/16
Nick A. WeberOpen PDFFolsomFinancial Planning Services2$145,000 $50,000 2016/06/16
NextEV USA, Inc.Open PDFSan Jose and San FranciscoAutomobile Manufacturing917$138,315,000 $10,000,000 2016/06/16$10,000,000
MondayCall LLCOpen PDFSan FranciscoCustom Computer Programming Services10$25,000 $30,000 2016/06/16$30,000
Meriliz IncorporatedOpen PDFSacramento and RichmondCommercial Printing86$14,000,000 $650,000 2016/06/16$650,000
LMP Software LLCOpen PDFWoodland HillsSoftware Development3$0$42,750 2016/06/16$28,500
Lean Technology CorporationOpen PDFIrvineElectrical Engineering6$2,000,000 $150,000 2016/06/16$150,000
LCPtracker, Inc.Open PDFOrangeSoftware Development46$659,000 $330,000 2016/06/16
King Shock Technology, Inc.Open PDFGarden GroveAutomotive Parts Manufacturing26$11,485,000 $750,000 2016/06/16
Just Say MusicOpen PDFSacramentoMusical Instrument Instruction and Repair Services4$1,700,000 $60,000 2016/06/16
Jinx, Inc.Open PDFPowayToy and Clothing Design and Manufacturing35$157,500 $250,000 2016/06/16$250,000
Interra Energy, Inc.Open PDFNational CityBiofuel and Fertilizer Manufacturing74$26,840,000 $2,000,000 2016/06/16$2,000,000
Inspec Testing, Inc.Open PDFNational City and VallejoEngineering Services12$500,000 $110,000 2016/06/16$110,000
Holland & Bennett Brands LLCOpen PDFLos AngelesBeauty Industry Consulting77$1,600,000 $297,000 2016/06/16
Hilbers, Inc.Open PDFYuba CityCommercial and Institutional Building Construction22$4,375,000 $120,000 2016/06/16
GreenPower Motor Company, Inc.Open PDFPortervilleElectric Bus Manufacturing190$10,950,000 $3,000,000 2016/06/16
Green Commuter, Inc.Open PDFLos Angeles and Santa MonicaElectric Vehicle Shuttle and Car Share Service130$80,000,000 $250,000 2016/06/16
Grasp Technologies, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoCustom Computer Programming Services21$181,000 $180,000 2016/06/16$180,000
G.L. Anderson Insurance Services, Inc.Open PDFFolsomInsurance Agencies and Brokerages3$25,000 $25,000 2016/06/16
Food For Fitness LLCOpen PDFCarmichaelNutrition/Health Food Preparation and Consulting9$90,000 $80,000 2016/06/16$70,000
Envoy Group LLCOpen PDFIrvineOnline Marketing and Advertising69$163,400 $450,000 2016/06/16$450,000
EIII, CA, IncorporatedOpen PDFSacramento and Los AngelesEnergy Efficiency Consulting Services9$297,000 $140,000 2016/06/16$140,000
Diamond Foundry, Inc.Open PDFSan CarlosGemstone Manufacturing19$5,230,000 $500,000 2016/06/16
Denso International America, Inc.Open PDFLong Beach, Murrieta, Vista, and ComptonAutomotive Parts Manufacturing48$38,270,500 $1,243,587 2016/06/16
Deco Enterprises, Inc.Open PDFCommerceElectric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing195$6,400,000 $585,000 2016/06/16$585,000
Dave's Gourmet, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoFood Manufacturing7$825,000 $99,000 2016/06/16$99,000
Datacate, Inc.Open PDFRancho CordovaInformation Technology Consulting and Data Center Management8$365,000 $60,000 2016/06/16
Combustion Associates, Inc.Open PDFCoronaIndustrial Power Generator Manufacturing22$500,000 $600,000 2016/06/16$600,000
CleverMade LLCOpen PDFCarlsbad and San Diego CountyReusable Shopping Bag and Storage Crate Manufacturer17$1,792,500 $130,000 2016/06/16
Brown Bear Digital, Inc.Open PDFSolana BeachIT Digital Marketing Consulting Services7$267,695 $200,000 2016/06/16$200,000
Brenner-Fiedler & Associates, Inc.Open PDFRiversideIndustrial Machinery Manufacturing9$208,000 $128,000 2016/06/16
Best Carbide Cutting Tools, Inc.Open PDFRancho DominguezTool Manufacturing19$4,247,000 $200,000 2016/06/16
Barry Callebaut USA LLCOpen PDFAmerican CanyonChocolate and Cocoa Product Manufacturing18$16,954,900 $400,000 2016/06/16
Axis Energy Partners LLCOpen PDFSacramentoCommercial LED Lighting Wholesaler102$3,430,000 $2,000,000 2016/06/16$2,000,000
Axiom Technologies LLCOpen PDFVacavilleInformation Technology Services8$0$100,000 2016/06/16$100,000 Operations, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoOnline Genealogy and DNA Services182$7,400,000 $900,000 2016/06/16
Airgas Specialty Products, Inc.Open PDFHanfordIndustrial Gas Manufacturing19$3,150,000 $70,000 2016/06/16$70,000
Air Spray U.S. A., Inc.Open PDFChicoAircraft Refurbishment22$24,310,000 $325,000 2016/06/16
Agilis Group, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoHealthcare Information Technology Services17$113,000 $28,000 2016/06/16$28,000
34 Strong, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoManagement Consulting Services7$60,000 $140,000 2016/06/16
WISErg CorporationOpen PDFColtonOrganic Waste Collection and Composting159$14,000,000 $1,500,000 2016/04/14$1,500,000
Wilmington Instrument Co.Open PDFWilmingtonDiagnostic Test Equipment and Services5$220,000 $20,000 2016/04/14$4,000
Williams + Paddon/Architects + Planners, Inc.Open PDFSacramento and RosevilleArchitectural Services22$364,450 $40,000 2016/04/14
Western Saw Manufacturers, Inc.Open PDFOxnardTool Manufacturing13$4,181,000 $70,000 2016/04/14$70,000
Vista Valuations LLCOpen PDFSacramentoIndustrial Real Estate Appraisers6$25,000 $120,000 2016/04/14$120,000
Vision Fine Foods LLCOpen PDFStocktonProduction of Packaged Bakery Goods115$10,662,608 $300,000 2016/04/14
Tomlin Scientific, Inc.Open PDFBuena ParkLubrication and Grease Manufacturing7$2,125,000 $60,000 2016/04/14
The Crane Guys LLCOpen PDFLa Mirada, and San Bernardino, Orange, and San Diego CountiesConstruction Equipment Rental49$10,000,000 $250,000 2016/04/14
The Argen CorporationOpen PDFSan DiegoDental Product Manufacturing148$18,000,000 $550,000 2016/04/14
Ten Tech LLCOpen PDFLos AngelesMechanical Engineering Consulting Services4$300,000 $50,000 2016/04/14
Syufy EnterprisesOpen PDFSan RafaelRetail and Corporate Management29$50,000 $200,000 2016/04/14
Strato Communications, Inc.Open PDFSacramento and Rancho CordovaInformation Technology Services9$581,000 $25,000 2016/04/14$25,000
Standard Homeopathic CompanyOpen PDFLos AngelesHomeopathic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing106$29,414,000 $595,000 2016/04/14$495,000
Southwestern Industries, Inc.Open PDFRancho DominguezIndustrial Machinery Manufacturing5$850,000 $45,000 2016/04/14
Southwest Medical Resources, Inc.Open PDFOntarioMedical Device Maintenance and Refurbishing21$1,260,155 $200,000 2016/04/14$200,000
Solterra Lighting, Inc.Open PDFCarlsbadCommercial Lighting Wholesaler9$41,000 $20,000 2016/04/14$20,000
Snapchat, Inc.Open PDFVenice BeachMobile Application Development1194$32,000,000 $5,000,000 2016/04/14
Small World Trading Co.Open PDFSan RafaelPersonal Care Product Manufacturing134$4,725,950 $400,000 2016/04/14
Sentek Consulting, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoCyber Security Consulting and Services30$0$125,000 2016/04/14
Saggezza, Inc.Open PDFSanta ClaraSoftware Development27$1,279,932 $125,000 2016/04/14
S & S Metal Fabrication, Inc.Open PDFKingsburgMetal Parts and Equipment Manufacturing4$740,000 $75,000 2016/04/14
Revolution Plastics LLCOpen PDFFresno or BakersfieldAgricultural Plastic Film Manufacturing65$15,790,000 $500,000 2016/04/14
R.I.M. Logistics, Ltd.Open PDFCarson or Los AngelesFreight Transportation and Management Services41$11,500,500 $400,000 2016/04/14
QED Systems, Inc.Open PDFNational City and San DiegoShip Maintenance and Repair Services75$569,299 $300,000 2016/04/14
Pride Resource Partners LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoArchitectural and Engineering Consulting Services251$12,750,000 $1,800,000 2016/04/14
Politico LLCOpen PDFSacramentoOnline News and Media Distribution41$337,961 $205,000 2016/04/14
PJY, Inc. dba Intimo IndustryOpen PDFVernonClothing and Garment Manufacturing19$2,500,000 $45,000 2016/04/14
Physical Optics CorporationOpen PDFTorranceOptical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing54$4,089,231 $210,000 2016/04/14
PCI Holding Company, Inc.Open PDFRiversideLiquid and Gaseous Oxygen Manufacturing30$2,630,000 $90,000 2016/04/14$90,000
Patrick Industries, Inc.Open PDFFontanaManufactured Home and Recreational Vehicle Product Manufacturing59$2,514,067 $500,000 2016/04/14
PackIt LLCOpen PDFWestlake VillagePortable Food Preservation Device Manufacturing19$1,062,500 $150,000 2016/04/14
OpenX Technologies, Inc.Open PDFPasadena, Culver City, and Menlo ParkOnline Marketing and Advertising354$22,500,000 $1,947,000 2016/04/14$1,947,000
Open Drives LLCOpen PDFCulver CityOnline Data Storage107$10,000,000 $750,000 2016/04/14$750,000
Once Upon a Farm LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoFood Processing30$140,000 $530,000 2016/04/14
ObjectSecurity LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoCyber Security Consulting and Services14$35,000 $280,000 2016/04/14$265,000
North State Electrical Contractors, Inc.Open PDFRancho CordovaElectrical Contracting62$350,000 $110,000 2016/04/14
Nordstrom, Inc.Open PDFFresno or VisaliaOnline Order Fulfillment Warehouse and Retail Distribution367$171,000,000 $11,000,000 2016/04/14
NC West Holdings, Inc.Open PDFAliso Viejo and San MateoOnline Video Game Development132$3,104,221 $800,000 2016/04/14$800,000
MW McWong International, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoCommercial LED Lighting Manufacturing10$260,000 $20,000 2016/04/14
Modern-Aire Ventilating, Inc.Open PDFNorth HollywoodMetal Products Manufacturing14$1,907,511 $40,000 2016/04/14
Miner Financial & InsuranceOpen PDFGold RiverFinancial and Insurance Services3$11,000 $22,000 2016/04/14
Millennium Space Systems, Inc.Open PDFEl SegundoAerospace Component Manufacturing284$19,939,250 $1,800,000 2016/04/14$1,080,000
MicroVention, Inc.Open PDFAliso ViejoMedical Device Design and Manufacturing66$108,811,441 $550,000 2016/04/14
Meritek Electronics CorporationOpen PDFBaldwin ParkElectrical Component Manufacturing7$506,000 $150,000 2016/04/14
Matson, Inc.Open PDFOaklandFreight Transportation and Management Services40$6,800,000 $250,000 2016/04/14
Martin Brothers ConstructionOpen PDFSacramento and San DiegoHighway, Street, and Bridge Construction65$4,750,000 $160,000 2016/04/14
Magic Leap, Inc.Open PDFMountain View and Santa Monica3D Technology Development141$6,149,915 $3,300,000 2016/04/14
MACH EnergyOpen PDFOaklandSoftware Development7$25,000 $75,000 2016/04/14$75,000
Lite Machines CorporationOpen PDFVista, Carlsbad, or other location in San Diego CountyUnmanned Aerial Systems Manufacturing90$8,500,000 $1,000,000 2016/04/14$1,000,000
Lineage Logistics Holdings LLCOpen PDFOaklandRefrigerated Warehousing and Storage532$91,500,000 $1,100,000 2016/04/14
LeapYear Technologies, Inc.Open PDFBerkeleySoftware Development47$192,800 $900,000 2016/04/14
LakePharma, Inc.Open PDFBelmont, Fremont, Hayward, and San CarlosBiotechnology Research and Development144$12,700,000 $500,000 2016/04/14$200,000
L-Acoustics, Inc.Open PDFCamarillo and Thousand OaksAudio Speaker Manufacturing9$2,432,566 $45,000 2016/04/14
L-3 Communications Electron Technologies, Inc.Open PDFTorranceCommunication Satellite Component Manufacturing105$25,318,140 $1,000,000 2016/04/14
KPI Logistics, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoFreight Transportation Logistics Services14$130,000 $100,000 2016/04/14$40,000
J.A. Cosmetics US, Inc.Open PDFOntarioPersonal Care Product Manufacturing101$8,400,000 $700,000 2016/04/14
Iris Cheng dba JC AccountancyOpen PDFTorranceAccounting Services4$10,000 $90,000 2016/04/14
I.P.S. Group, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoParking Meter Technology, Design and Manufacturing46$8,930,000 $500,000 2016/04/14
Hunter Industries IncorporatedOpen PDFSan MarcosIrrigation and Sprinkler Manufacturing111$58,891,456 $850,000 2016/04/14$340,000
Hughes Circuits, Inc.Open PDFCarlsbadPrinted Circuit Assembly Manufacturing55$12,000,000 $400,000 2016/04/14
Globizz CorporationOpen PDFGardenaBusiness Management Consulting Services10$65,000 $100,000 2016/04/14
Galaxy DessertsOpen PDFRichmondBaked Goods Manufacturing32$25,000,000 $255,000 2016/04/14$255,000
Freedom Insurance Services, Inc.Open PDFSan Luis ObispoInsurance Agencies and Brokerages36$75,001 $210,560 2016/04/14
Formachelli, Inc.Open PDFNapaInformation Technology Services4$100,600 $75,000 2016/04/14$75,000
Figtree Company, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoCommercial and Residential Lending197$9,206,979 $1,950,000 2016/04/14
Faraday & Future, Inc.Open PDFGardena, Rancho Dominguez, and San JoseAutomobile Manufacturing1990$311,117,460 $12,725,000 2016/04/14
Famand, Inc.Open PDFSacramento and PleasantonHeating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Component Fabrication and Maintenance103$2,320,000 $225,000 2016/04/14
Escape TechnologyOpen PDFRosevilleSoftware Development19$575,000 $39,000 2016/04/14
Engineered Source, Inc.Open PDFSanta AnaAerospace and Solar Component Wholesaler4$1,100,300 $75,000 2016/04/14
Empower Energy, Inc.Open PDFEmeryville, Hayward, Redwood City, and Union CityBattery Assembly and Recycling4$1,492,000 $38,000 2016/04/14$38,000
Emerald Site Services, Inc.Open PDFSacramento and Elk GroveCommercial and Residential Erosion Control23$5,900,000 $110,000 2016/04/14
Elite Power, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoElectrical Contracting8$700,000 $25,000 2016/04/14$25,000
Echo Summit Construction, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoCommercial Construction9$150,000 $200,000 2016/04/14
DineEquity, Inc.Open PDFGlendaleAdministrative and Business Management Services116$9,126,536 $900,000 2016/04/14
Digital Deployment, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoWeb Development Services18$50,000 $250,000 2016/04/14$190,000
Daylight Transport LLCOpen PDFFontanaFreight Transportation Services94$12,640,000 $250,000 2016/04/14
Datastream ITOpen PDFGlendaleInformation Technology Consulting and Data Center Management21$480,000 $400,000 2016/04/14
DataStax, Inc.Open PDFSanta ClaraInformation Technology Consulting and Data Center Management37$0$200,000 2016/04/14$200,000
Daniel Dubois CPA & Company, Inc.Open PDFAliso ViejoAccounting Services2$75,000 $20,000 2016/04/14
CSAI Auto Service LLCOpen PDFRiversideAutomotive Repair3$812,000 $60,000 2016/04/14$60,000
Cohen Ventures, Inc.Open PDFOakland, Orange, and Long BeachEngineering and Energy Efficiency Consulting Services103$316,000 $375,000 2016/04/14$300,000
Clouse Insurance AgencyOpen PDFOrangevaleInsurance Agencies and Brokerages3$50,000 $50,000 2016/04/14
Climate Control, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoHeating and Air-Conditioning Installation and Repair Services6$205,000 $20,000 2016/04/14$20,000
Citrus Escrow, Inc.Open PDFMoreno ValleyTitle and Escrow Offices8$92,000 $200,000 2016/04/14
Circuit Services LLCOpen PDFNorthridge and ChatsworthElectrical Component Manufacturing20$1,100,000 $45,000 2016/04/14
CIMC Reefer Trailer, Inc.Open PDFMoreno ValleyTrailer Manufacturer7$2,000,000 $35,000 2016/04/14
Casper Sleep, Inc.Open PDFLos Angeles and San FranciscoMattress Design and Manufacturing43$5,575,000 $272,000 2016/04/14
C.D. Lyon, Inc.Open PDFSanta Maria and VenturaGeneral Contracting19$20,000 $70,000 2016/04/14
Brookey & Company, Inc.Open PDFEncinitas and San DiegoManagement Consulting Services16$138,551 $125,000 2016/04/14
Brett E. Gottlieb, dba Comprehensive AdvisorOpen PDFCarlsbadFinancial Planning and Management Services8$125,000 $100,000 2016/04/14
BevMD, Inc.Open PDFEncinitasBeverage Manufacturing24$2,300,000 $600,000 2016/04/14
Bellfx LLCOpen PDFSan FernandoFilm Property Design and Manufacturing3$240,000 $40,000 2016/04/14
Barnett Technical Services LLCOpen PDFElk GroveScientific and Technical Consulting Services3$10,000 $60,000 2016/04/14
Baker Electric, Inc.Open PDFBakersfield, Escondido, and San DiegoSolar Power System Design, Construction, and Installation 196$8,025,000 $620,000 2016/04/14
Badass Brand, Inc.Open PDFEl Dorado HillsPersonal Care Product Manufacturing19$1,375,000 $425,000 2016/04/14
Backseat Driver & Associates, Inc.Open PDFGranite BayEducational On-line Services3$64,400 $65,000 2016/04/14
Axis Medical Technologies LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoHealthcare Information Technology175$2,763,000 $1,000,000 2016/04/14
ATK Space Systems, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoAerospace Component Manufacturing38$5,250,000 $1,000,000 2016/04/14
Arrow Micro Corp.Open PDFLa MiradaInformation Technology Services8$113,000 $160,000 2016/04/14
AMPAC Fine Chemicals LLCOpen PDFRancho Cordova and El Dorado HillsPharmaceutical Manufacturing135$98,000,000 $1,250,000 2016/04/14$750,000
Almanac Beer Co. LLCOpen PDFSan Francisco and AlamedaCraft Brewery59$8,263,450 $180,000 2016/04/14
Alice Berger ContrerasOpen PDFMercedAccounting Services3$10,000 $40,000 2016/04/14$10,000
Aemerge RedPak Services Southern California LLCOpen PDFHesperiaMedical Waste Processing29$30,500,000 $250,000 2016/04/14$250,000
Windsong Productions LLCOpen PDFFresnoMotion Picture and Video Production4$1,110,000 $100,000 2015/11/10$20,000
Westhaven, Inc.Open PDFYuba City and San DiegoSolar Power Installation80$1,663,000 $250,000 2015/11/10$90,000
Western Combustion Engineering, Inc.Open PDFCarsonIndustrial Furnace and Oven Manufacturing and Repair4$36,000 $60,000 2015/11/10$60,000
West Fork Construction, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoCommercial Building Construction17$382,000 $50,000 2015/11/10$20,000
Wehah Farm, Inc.Open PDFRichvaleFood Processing67$41,153,400 $1,000,000 2015/11/10$200,000
VT Pro Design, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesVideo and Lighting Production Services30$2,446,500 $100,000 2015/11/10$40,000
Valley Communications, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoInformation Technology Services31$310,000 $65,000 2015/11/10$12,500
TriWest Healthcare Alliance Corp.Open PDFRancho Cordova and San DiegoHealthcare Administration488$2,684,770 $1,000,000 2015/11/10$1,000,000
Trader Boys, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesFurniture Sales6$1,455,000 $30,000 2015/11/10$25,000
Three29 Media LLCOpen PDFSacramentoCustom Computer Programming Services15$640,000 $150,000 2015/11/10$30,000
Thomas Potigian, D.C.Open PDFFresnoChiropractic Services2$7,000 $20,000 2015/11/10
Thomas Gast dba Thomas Gast & Associates Environmental ConsultantsOpen PDFArcataEnvironmental Consulting Services5$130,000 $80,000 2015/11/10$48,000
The Sherwin-Williams CompanyOpen PDFVictorville, Moreno Valley, San Diego and
Paint and Coating Manufacturing and Distribution71$8,495,980 $750,000 2015/11/10$380,000
The Garabedian Group, Inc.Open PDFFresnoAccounting Services3$528,560 $20,000 2015/11/10$20,000
Taylor-Listug, Inc.Open PDFEl CajonAcoustic and Electric Guitar Manufacturing25$2,500,000 $500,000 2015/11/10
Swanson Hulling, Inc.Open PDFTurlockFood Processing2$2,094,897 $48,000 2015/11/10$48,000
Superior Computer Products LLCOpen PDFSimi ValleyComputer and Printer Distribution19$13,500 $50,000 2015/11/10$50,000
Stripe, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoOnline Payment Processing1031$37,530,000 $2,500,000 2015/11/10
Sorenson Business Consulting, Inc.Open PDFThousand OaksAccounting Services6$2,051,500 $100,000 2015/11/10$55,000
Sean T. Boyd & Associates P.C.Open PDFFolsomAccounting Services3$22,500 $75,000 2015/11/10
Sani-Tech West, Inc.Open PDFCamarilloCustom Plastic and Stainless Steel Manufacturing28$1,175,000 $85,000 2015/11/10
Sandwich Video, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesOnline Commercial Production4$100,000 $20,000 2015/11/10
Sage Apartment Communities, Inc.Open PDFIrvineReal Estate Property Management11$34,940 $39,500 2015/11/10
rPlanet Earth Los Angeles LLCOpen PDFVernonRecycled Packaging Products Manufacturing122$74,000,000 $875,000 2015/11/10$875,000
Riskalyze, Inc.Open PDFAuburnSoftware Developer60$100,000 $85,000 2015/11/10
Raveon Technologies CorporationOpen PDFVistaCommunications Equipment Manufacturing26$825,000 $150,000 2015/11/10$120,000
Quality Systems, Inc.Open PDFIrvine and Costa MesaCustom Computer Programming Services385$3,230,000 $400,000 2015/11/10$400,000
Pharmatek Laboratories, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoPharmaceutical Manufacturing and Testing97$1,332,900 $265,000 2015/11/10$265,000
Peterberg Construction, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesConstruction Services20$375,000 $40,000 2015/11/10$40,000
Pacific Steel GroupOpen PDFFairfield, San Diego, and Los AngelesSteel Reinforcing Contractors249$900,000 $4,000,000 2015/11/10
Outback Solutions LLCOpen PDFSacramentoWeb Design and Marketing1$144,000 $20,000 2015/11/10
Outback Inc.Open PDFFresnoConstruction Material Supplier49$3,500,000 $170,000 2015/11/10
Orbital ATK, Inc.Open PDFNorthridgeAerospace Component Manufacturing90$16,275,154 $2,100,000 2015/11/10
Option One CorporationOpen PDFApple ValleySolar Power Installation24$450,000 $250,000 2015/11/10$250,000
New Leaf Biofuel LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoBiodiesel Production10$5,250,000 $275,000 2015/11/10$55,000
NerdWallet, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoOnline Personal Financial Services792$18,348,000 $3,250,000 2015/11/10$1,950,000
MX Holdings US, Inc.Open PDFIrvine, Brea, Fresno, and Santa Fe SpringsFire Protection and Life Safety System Design, Manufacturing, and Installation51$13,375,000 $340,000 2015/11/10
Morrill Industries, Inc.Open PDFEscalonMetal Parts Manufacturing10$1,990,000 $200,000 2015/11/10$200,000
Mikhail Ogawa Engineering Inc.Open PDFSan Diego, Ontario, and Del MarCivil and Environmental Engineering16$315,050 $160,000 2015/11/10$130,000
Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.Open PDFCamarilloPharmaceutical Filter and Container Manufacturing106$14,000,000 $375,000 2015/11/10$75,000
Media3Sixty LLCOpen PDFSacramentoVideo Production5$40,900 $110,000 2015/11/10$110,000
Knee Deep Brewing Company LLCOpen PDFAuburnCraft Brewery27$1,880,000 $50,000 2015/11/10$20,000
Kenshoo, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoOnline Marketing and Advertising40$0$50,000 2015/11/10$30,000
Katie May LLCOpen PDFLos AngelesWedding Gown Design and Manufacturing26$700,000 $250,000 2015/11/10$200,000
K Tech Telecommunications, Inc.Open PDFValenciaBroadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing4$720,000 $100,000 2015/11/10$100,000
James R. Glidewell, Dental Ceramics, Inc.Open PDFIrvineDental Restoration Product Manufacturing117$19,510,000 $1,000,000 2015/11/10
J. Harris Industrial Water Treatment, Inc.Open PDFSan Jose and OxnardWater Treatment Services23$8,875,940 $300,000 2015/11/10
International Business Machines CorporationOpen PDFSan FranciscoInformation Technology Services84$89,906,667 $1,500,000 2015/11/10$1,500,000
Halle, Porter, Newland, and Rickett, LLPOpen PDFBakersfieldAccounting Services3$180,000 $20,000 2015/11/10$20,000
Grid Subject Matter Experts LLCOpen PDFFolsomElectrical Consulting Services12$25,000 $150,000 2015/11/10
Goodman Food Products, Inc.Open PDFInglewood and Los AngelesFrozen Food Production13$975,000 $50,000 2015/11/10$10,000
Finelite, Inc.Open PDFUnion City and LivermoreElectric Light Fixture Manufacturing51$9,364,011 $416,000 2015/11/10$160,000
Faster Faster, Inc.Open PDFBrisbaneElectric Motorcycle Manufacturing178$18,250,000 $500,000 2015/11/10$500,000
Farwest Steel CorporationOpen PDFStocktonSteel and Aluminum Product Manufacturing10$3,146,000 $150,000 2015/11/10$150,000
EnCorr Sheets LLCOpen PDFOntarioCorrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing54$32,000,000 $500,000 2015/11/10
Electronic Waveform Lab, Inc.Open PDFHuntington BeachElectronic Muscle Stimulation Device Manufacturing and Sales8$0$120,000 2015/11/10
Door Pros, Inc.Open PDFGold River and San RafaelGarage Door Repair and Installation27$113,275 $200,000 2015/11/10$70,000
DMF, Inc.Open PDFCarsonCustom Lighting Fixtures Manufacturing46$1,107,210 $275,000 2015/11/10$275,000
DAC Service, Inc.Open PDFFresnoSheet Metal Installation and Construction Services16$305,000 $35,000 2015/11/10
CRM CO. LLCOpen PDFStocktonRecycled Rubber Product Manufacturing9$3,000,000 $120,000 2015/11/10$90,000
Credit Karma, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoOnline Personal Financial Services795$27,736,002 $2,800,000 2015/11/10
Connectivity, Inc.Open PDFBurbankOnline Marketing and Advertising130$4,400,000 $250,000 2015/11/10$250,000
Clear View Windows, Inc.Open PDFCeresWindow and Door Installation4$118,900 $20,000 2015/11/10$20,000
CHC Consulting LLCOpen PDFOrange, Carlsbad, and San DiegoEngineering and Telecommunications Consulting Services211$740,000 $2,000,000 2015/11/10$1,200,000
Cerner CorporationOpen PDFCarlsbad, Garden Grove, and Culver CityHealthcare Information Technology and Revenue Management108$3,900,000 $1,500,000 2015/11/10$1,500,000
Caylym Technologies International LLCOpen PDFFresnoFire Suppression and Flood Containment Product Manufacturing53$3,457,500 $1,500,000 2015/11/10$1,500,000
Carter & Co. Communications, Inc.Open PDFFresnoPublic Relations30$480,000 $250,000 2015/11/10$250,000
Camilleri & Sunseri Ventures, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoGarage Door Installation5$23,025 $50,000 2015/11/10$50,000
California Pacific Specialty Woods LLCOpen PDFRed BluffLumber Harvesting3$310,000 $30,000 2015/11/10$10,000
Cal-Delta Plumbing, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoPlumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Services12$297,500 $25,000 2015/11/10
BrightSign LLCOpen PDFLos Gatos and Santa ClaraDigital Signage Development63$3,784,273 $1,000,000 2015/11/10$550,000
Boom! Payments, Inc.Open PDFEl SegundoElectronic Payment Services41$0$500,000 2015/11/10$500,000
BNI Central Valley LLCOpen PDFSacramentoBusiness Networking3$48,000 $35,000 2015/11/10$35,000
Blazer and Flip Flops, Inc. dba The Experience Engine, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoCustom Computer Programming Services43$710,500 $200,000 2015/11/10
Bland A/C & Heating, Inc.Open PDFBakersfield, Ventura, and ReddingHeating, Air Conditioning, and Solar Installation and Repair Services20$327,020 $200,000 2015/11/10
Betts CompanyOpen PDFFresnoIndustrial Spring Manufacturer53$7,030,000 $240,000 2015/11/10
BCT Consulting, Inc.Open PDFFresnoInformation Technology Services17$2,436,000 $85,000 2015/11/10$85,000
Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc.Open PDFMaderaIndustrial Cooling System Manufacturing46$8,513,000 $190,000 2015/11/10$190,000
Balfour Beatty Construction LLCOpen PDFOakland, Los Angeles, and San DiegoCommercial and Institutional Building Construction50$3,439,200 $180,000 2015/11/10$180,000
Bakersfield Specialists Surgical Center LLCOpen PDFBakersfieldAmbulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers13$4,400,000 $250,000 2015/11/10$250,000
APEX Investigative Services, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoInvestigation Services69$285,200 $90,000 2015/11/10$54,000
American Integrated Services, Inc.Open PDFWilmingtonEnvironmental Remediation Services34$9,500,000 $195,000 2015/11/10
Ambry Genetics CorporationOpen PDFAlisa ViejoMedical Laboratories268$40,500,000 $1,150,000 2015/11/10$230,000
Alpha & Omega Computer & Network Services, Inc.Open PDFHuntington BeachInformation Technology Services14$180,200 $55,000 2015/11/10$50,000
Allied Propane Service, Inc.Open PDFNapa, Richmond, and DixonPropane Distribution13$2,314,000 $85,000 2015/11/10$40,000
Aetna Health of California, Inc.Open PDFFresnoHealth, Medical, and Life Insurance225$29,131,888 $700,000 2015/11/10$140,000
Advantage Route Systems, Inc.Open PDFTurlockSoftware Development13$38,925 $100,000 2015/11/10$40,000
Advanced Metal Works, Inc.Open PDFFresnoSheet Metal Manufacturing7$328,363 $120,000 2015/11/10$48,000
Additel CorporationOpen PDFYorba LindaCalibration Tool Manufacturing8$690,000 $100,000 2015/11/10
Zero Link Markets, Inc.Open PDFWindsorSoftware Developer22$90,000 $250,000 2015/06/18$210,000
WFW Industries LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoMachining and Welding/Fabrication Services13$2,000,000 $130,000 2015/06/18$52,000
Weber Metals, Inc.Open PDFLong BeachAerospace Component Metal Forging26$18,178,000 $1,000,000 2015/06/18
VSolvit LLCOpen PDFVenturaCustom Computer Programming Services183$4,000,000 $57,000 2015/06/18$45,600
Vertical Earthworks, Inc.Open PDFNewport BeachSite Preparation Contractors8$235,000 $20,000 2015/06/18$20,000
United States Cold Storage, Inc.Open PDFSacramento (McClellan Park)Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage18$32,000,000 $300,000 2015/06/18
Toople, Inc.Open PDFAmerican CanyonMobile Device Application and Software Developer21$143,000 $28,000 2015/06/18$28,000
Thumbprint Wine Group, Inc.Open PDFGeyserville and HealdsburgWinery3$610,000 $25,000 2015/06/18$25,000
Tesla Motors, Inc.Open PDFFremont, Palo Alto, Lathrop, and HawthorneAutomobile Manufacturing4426$2,389,480,000 $15,000,000 2015/06/18
Temblor Brewing LLCOpen PDFBakersfieldCraft Brewery4$2,000,000 $27,800 2015/06/18
STWT&M, Inc.Open PDFOxnardIndustrial Machinery Manufacturing20$321,000 $250,000 2015/06/18$250,000
Snak-King Corp.Open PDFCity of IndustrySnack Food Manufacturing and Distribution25$16,750,000 $100,000 2015/06/18
Skechers U.S.A., Inc.Open PDFManhattan BeachFootwear and Apparel Design (HQ Expansion)200$110,145,000 $1,125,000 2015/06/18
Rockbot, Inc.Open PDFOaklandOnline Music Services206$1,534,000 $3,500,000 2015/06/18$3,500,000
Riot Games, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesOnline Video Game Developer813$17,000,000 $3,000,000 2015/06/18
QSC Holdings, Inc.Open PDFCosta MesaAudio and Video Equipment Manufacturing27$15,200,000 $300,000 2015/06/18
QCM, Inc.Open PDFBrea and AnaheimPrinted Circuit Board Manufacturing55$6,100,000 $100,000 2015/06/18
Premier Physical Therapy Inc.Open PDFIrvinePhysical Therapy and Personal Fitness9$190,500 $160,000 2015/06/18$160,000
Pacific Biomedical Distribution Services, Inc.Open PDFRancho CordovaMedical Device and Equipment Supplier15$216,695 $50,000 2015/06/18$50,000
NorCal Respiratory, Inc.Open PDFReddingMedical Equipment and Supplies Provider15$1,159,400 $225,000 2015/06/18$135,000
National Steel and Shipbuilding CompanyOpen PDFSan DiegoShip Building and Repairing384$100,300,000 $2,000,000 2015/06/18$2,000,000
Monoprice, Inc.Open PDFRancho CucamongaOnline Commerce22$600,000 $38,000 2015/06/18$38,000
Melcon, Inc.Open PDFWest SacramentoSite Preparation Contractors8$1,100,000 $35,000 2015/06/18$35,000
MedVenture Technology CorporationOpen PDFBaldwin ParkMedical Device Contract Manufacturing14$1,317,500 $120,000 2015/06/18$120,000
Lokes, Inc.Open PDFClovisConstruction and Equipment Rental4$1,350,000 $75,000 2015/06/18
LendingClub CorporationOpen PDFSan FranciscoConsumer Lending1644$14,000,000 $1,000,000 2015/06/18$600,000
Learning Evolution LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoSoftware Developer9$142,700 $50,000 2015/06/18
Kern Radiology Imaging Systems, Inc.Open PDFBakersfieldDiagnostic Imaging Centers32$10,000,000 $150,000 2015/06/18$150,000
Kemeera IncorporatedOpen PDFOaklandManufacturing Processes Developer72$13,522,115 $375,000 2015/06/18$375,000
Joseff-HollywoodOpen PDFBurbankMetal Casting6$130,000 $115,000 2015/06/18$115,000
J&D Meat Company, Inc.Open PDFFresnoFood Processing and Supply Distribution52$9,900,000 $150,000 2015/06/18$80,000
IriSys LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoPharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing36$3,100,000 $100,000 2015/06/18$80,000
Invictus Marketing LLCOpen PDFNapaWeb Development Services5$22,500 $20,000 2015/06/18$12,000
Integral Consulting, Inc.Open PDFLarkspur, Petaluma, San Francisco, and Santa CruzEnvironmental Consulting Services18$430,000 $74,000 2015/06/18$74,000
Hub International Insurance Services, Inc.Open PDFRiversideGlobal Insurance Brokerage203$7,621,425 $738,732 2015/06/18
Hi-Shear CorporationOpen PDFTorranceAerospace Component Manufacturing168$33,100,000 $500,000 2015/06/18$500,000
Hastest Solutions, Inc.Open PDFSan JoseEnvironmental Test Equipment Manufacturing32$175,080 $200,000 2015/06/18$200,000
H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc.Open PDFLa MiradaChemical and Adhesive Manufacturing12$2,900,000 $40,000 2015/06/18$40,000
FuseFX, Inc.Open PDFBurbankVisual Effects Service Provider142$4,500,000 $675,000 2015/06/18$150,000
Foodpro International, Inc.Open PDFStocktonFood and Beverage Industry Consulting Services3$0$20,000 2015/06/18$20,000
Fan Interactive Marketing LLCOpen PDFRolling Hills EstatesOnline Marketing Consulting Services8$168,000 $125,000 2015/06/18
Fabrinet West, Inc.Open PDFSanta ClaraPrinted Circuit Assembly Manufacturing268$41,969,459 $950,000 2015/06/18$950,000
Excelitas Technology CorporationOpen PDFFremontOptical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing163$8,288,457 $300,000 2015/06/18$300,000
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.Open PDFRedlandsGeographic Information Systems Software Publishers370$102,460,000 $2,000,000 2015/06/18, Inc.Open PDFSanta MonicaAutomotive Reviews and Pricing124$103,718,439 $1,000,000 2015/06/18$1,000,000
CyberBasket, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoCustom Gift Producer15$2,510,000 $250,000 2015/06/18$235,000
Control Air North, Inc.Open PDFHaywardHVAC Manufacturing and Installation48$225,000 $90,000 2015/06/18$10,000
Community Development Partners, Inc.Open PDFNewport BeachLow Income Housing Developer6$90,000 $20,000 2015/06/18, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoSoftware Developer44$750,000 $115,000 2015/06/18$69,000
California Safe Soil LLCOpen PDFWest Sacramento and Sacramento (McClellan Park)Compost and Fertilizer Manufacturing71$39,139,000 $1,250,000 2015/06/18$1,100,000
California Commercial Solar, Inc.Open PDFVisaliaCommercial Solar Structure Construction43$480,000 $750,000 2015/06/18
Cal Premium Treats, Inc.Open PDFPerrisAnimal Food Manufacturing99$4,425,000 $175,000 2015/06/18$175,000
Blue Iron, Inc.Open PDFWest SacramentoGeneral Engineering Contractor7$6,250,000 $70,000 2015/06/18$70,000
Beachbody LLCOpen PDFSanta MonicaHealth Product and Video Producer327$196,306,631 $2,350,000 2015/06/18$1,880,000
Bar Bakers LLCOpen PDFLos AlamitosBaked Goods Manufacturing425$30,000,000 $2,550,000 2015/06/18$2,040,000
Balanced Books, LLPOpen PDFTurlockAccounting Services10$504,000 $20,000 2015/06/18$12,000
Avasant LLCOpen PDFEl SegundoAdministrative and Business Management Consulting Services55$750,000 $1,000,000 2015/06/18$1,000,000
Auriga CorporationOpen PDFSan DiegoEngineering Consulting Services17$416,500 $125,000 2015/06/18$65,000
Anvaya Solutions, Inc.Open PDFFolsomCybersecurity Software Developer13$560,000 $250,000 2015/06/18$150,000
Angela Green dba Green Accounting TeamOpen PDFYucaipaAccounting Services4$0$40,000 2015/06/18
Amsert Group LLCOpen PDFFullertonBaking Supplies Manufacturing and Distribution6$165,000 $100,000 2015/06/18$100,000
Ajinomoto Althea, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoPharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing243$46,820,751 $2,000,000 2015/06/18$400,000
Ajalon Printing & Design, Inc.Open PDFSanta RosaCommercial Printing2$44,535 $20,000 2015/06/18$20,000
Wing Inflatables, Inc.Open PDFArcataInflatable Boat Building121$375,000 $130,000 2015/04/16$104,000
W.C. Maloney, Inc.Open PDFStocktonConstruction and Demolition Contractor66$3,470,000 $200,000 2015/04/16$200,000
Vol-Ten CorporationOpen PDFStocktonCharter Bus Services16$1,100,000 $25,000 2015/04/16$15,000
Victaulic CompanyOpen PDFRedlandsPipe Manufacturing14$335,000 $50,000 2015/04/16$20,000
Viacom International Inc.Open PDFBurbank and Los AngelesMotion Picture and Video Production56$56,215,000 $1,000,000 2015/04/16$1,000,000
Varedan Technologies LLCOpen PDFTorranceSemiconductor Engineering Services and Manufacturing31$480,000 $620,000 2015/04/16$620,000
VA & AssociatesOpen PDFSanta RosaPet Grooming12$360,000 $30,000 2015/04/16
United Natural Foods, Inc.Open PDFGilroy, and other locations in CaliforniaNatural, Organic and Specialty Food Distribution445$65,164,881 $931,688 2015/04/16$51,688
U.S. Corrugated of Los Angeles, Inc.Open PDFSanta Fe SpringsCorrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing100$33,000,000 $500,000 2015/04/16
Truckee-Tahoe Lumber CompanyOpen PDFTruckeeLumber Yard25$4,707,690 $375,000 2015/04/16
Tioga Research, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoBiotechnology Research and Development21$1,116,241 $45,000 2015/04/16$36,000
The Gill CorporationOpen PDFEl MonteFabricated Metal Product Manufacturing328$56,170,000 $1,000,000 2015/04/16$125,000
Telogis, Inc.Open PDFAliso ViejoGPS Software Development and Integration202$0$350,000 2015/04/16$350,000
Technicon Design CorporationOpen PDFSan Juan CapistranoVehicle Interior/Exterior Design Services45$430,000 $45,000 2015/04/16$45,000
TAMCOOpen PDFRancho CucamongaIron and Steel Mills Manufacturing11$34,134,000 $165,000 2015/04/16$165,000
T2e Energy Holdings LLCOpen PDFVistaOrganic Chemical Manufacturer199$364,000,000 $1,000,000 2015/04/16$1,000,000
Sutter Home Winery, Inc.Open PDFLodiWine Bottling194$13,670,243 $715,000 2015/04/16
Surface SealersOpen PDFCarmichaelTile and Grout Services3$55,000 $30,000 2015/04/16$30,000
Split Decision Holding Company LLCOpen PDFSan Jose and San DiegoCustom Computer Programming and Background Check Services665$14,967,600 $725,000 2015/04/16$725,000, Inc.Open PDFSanta RosaInternet Service Provider169$78,000,000 $100,000 2015/04/16
SMB Industries, Inc.Open PDFOrovilleSteel Fabrication and Product Manufacturer49$3,582,500 $80,000 2015/04/16$80,000
Shepard Bros., Inc.Open PDFStockton and La HabraSoap and Other Detergent Manufacturing33$4,873,000 $123,000 2015/04/16$123,000
Senior Operations LLCOpen PDFBurbankAircraft Engine Manufacturing343$1,578,000 $100,000 2015/04/16$100,000
Samumed LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoBiopharmaceutical Research and Development273$30,500,000 $2,100,000 2015/04/16$2,100,000
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.Open PDFSan JoseSemiconductor Research and Development327$194,708,557 $9,000,000 2015/04/16$2,125,000
Rumiano Cheese Co.Open PDFCrescent City and WillowsDairy Product Manufacturing40$14,250,000 $200,000 2015/04/16$200,000
Roplast Industries, Inc.Open PDFOrovilleReusable Grocery Bag Production43$22,340,000 $250,000 2015/04/16$250,000
Robert J. Brown dba Streamline Planning ConsultantsOpen PDFArcataScientific and Technical Consulting Services5$30,000 $100,000 2015/04/16$100,000
Revive BrandsOpen PDFPetalumaBeverage Production87$5,450,000 $1,500,000 2015/04/16$1,200,000
Red Hat, Inc.Open PDFMountainview, Los Angeles, and San FranciscoCustom Computer Programming Services58$2,800,000 $170,000 2015/04/16
Red Bull North America, Inc.Open PDFSanta MonicaBeverage Distribution Headquarters304$31,120,585 $1,750,000 2015/04/16$600,000
Razer USA Ltd.Open PDFSan Francisco and IrvineComputer Equipment Development and Manufacturing149$9,620,960 $900,000 2015/04/16$750,000
Provino Inc.Open PDFSanta RosaWine and Beverage Wholesaler166$1,250,000 $500,000 2015/04/16$500,000
Probe Manufacturing, Inc.Open PDFIrvineEngineering and Manufacturing Services12$140,000 $70,000 2015/04/16$70,000
Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing, Inc.Open PDFSanta Fe SpringsMedical Device Design and Manufacturing78$1,550,000 $125,000 2015/04/16$75,000
Pristine Sun LLCOpen PDFSan Francisco, Auberry, Biggs, Corning and WintonRenewable Energy Services116$256,214,883 $1,750,000 2015/04/16$1,750,000
Planet Labs, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoEarth Imaging Satellite Design, Manufacturing and Operation216$60,000,000 $4,340,000 2015/04/16$4,340,000
Perfect Bar & CompanyOpen PDFSan DiegoNutrition/Health Food Manufacturing90$4,565,000 $170,000 2015/04/16$170,000
Peerless Coffee Company, Inc.Open PDFStockton or OaklandCoffee and Tea Manufacturing18$2,500,000 $300,000 2015/04/16$300,000
Paramount Farming Company LLCOpen PDFShafterBee Hive Cultivation36$84,000,000 $400,000 2015/04/16
Pacific Steel GroupOpen PDFSan DiegoSteel Reinforcing Contractors542$5,000,000 $1,850,000 2015/04/16
Pacific Blue Innovations LLCOpen PDFVistaResearch and Development Services52$10,500,000 $200,000 2015/04/16$200,000
OSI Industries LLCOpen PDFRiversideFood Processing117$15,400,000 $350,000 2015/04/16$350,000
Omni Design Group, Inc.Open PDFSan Luis ObispoEngineering Services5$405,000 $100,000 2015/04/16$100,000
Northrop Grumman Systems CorporationOpen PDFAzusa, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Palmdale, San Diego, Sunnyvale, and Woodland HillsAircraft Manufacturing1359$520,308,000 $10,000,000 2015/04/16
Noribachi CorporationOpen PDFHarbor CityElectric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing1495$16,250,000 $750,000 2015/04/16$750,000
Nor-Cal Beverage Company, Inc.Open PDFAnaheimBeverage Manufacturing and Packaging55$24,000,000 $400,000 2015/04/16$400,000
NANOGAP, Inc.Open PDFRichmondNano Material Research and Development19$1,550,400 $300,000 2015/04/16$300,000
Muhlhauser Steel, Inc.Open PDFBloomingtonFabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing24$12,000,000 $480,000 2015/04/16$480,000
Modesto Industrial Electrical Co., Inc.Open PDFModestoElectrical Contracting and Motor Repair70$3,425,000 $100,000 2015/04/16$20,000
Meridian Rack & Pinion, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoOnline Automotive Parts Merchant63$3,244,000 $90,000 2015/04/16
Medical Instrument Development Laboratories, Inc.Open PDFSan LeandroSurgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing34$7,000,000 $200,000 2015/04/16$60,000
Marine Group Boat Works LLCOpen PDFChula Vista and National CityBoat Repair and Construction87$11,400,000 $550,000 2015/04/16$440,000
Macy', Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoE-Commerce Technology and Marketing171$399,204,800 $2,700,000 2015/04/16$2,000,000, Inc.Open PDFCarpinteria, Calabasas and San FranciscoOnline Educational Services216$11,318,250 $750,000 2015/04/16$750,000
Lusive DecorOpen PDFLos AngelesElectric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing62$5,850,000 $148,000 2015/04/16$148,000
Lock-N-Stitch Inc.Open PDFTurlockBolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing18$2,090,000 $45,000 2015/04/16$45,000
L.B. Powers & Son Plumbing Co., Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoPlumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors7$354,000 $20,000 2015/04/16$20,000
KOAZ, Inc.Open PDFNational CityCommercial Printing and Mailing Center7$356,500 $70,000 2015/04/16$70,000
Kinkisharyo (USA), Inc.Open PDFPalmdaleLight Rail Vehicle Manufacturing103$12,000,000 $417,600 2015/04/16
Johnson Matthey, Inc.Open PDFSan Jose and San DiegoSurgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing48$14,283,458 $200,000 2015/04/16$200,000
Industrial Automation Group LLCOpen PDFModestoComputer Systems Design Services52$900,000 $80,000 2015/04/16$80,000
ICON Aircraft, Inc.Open PDFVacavilleAircraft Manufacturing509$69,306,478 $2,500,000 2015/04/16$2,200,000
Hyundai Capital AmericaOpen PDFIrvine and Newport BeachAutomobile Consumer Financial Services190$105,000,000 $1,200,000 2015/04/16$1,200,000
Honeywell International, Inc.Open PDFTorranceAerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing56$48,251,306 $250,000 2015/04/16$250,000
H.M. Electronics, Inc.Open PDFPowayCommunications Equipment Manufacturing152$9,000,000 $400,000 2015/04/16
Gradelink CorporationOpen PDFFoothill RanchInformation Technology Systems29$868,050 $300,000 2015/04/16
GKN Aerospace Chem-tronics, Inc.Open PDFSanta Ana, El Cajon and Garden GroveAircraft Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing494$125,050,697 $1,200,000 2015/04/16$1,200,000
Foro Energy, Inc.Open PDFBakersfieldOil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing36$10,707,200 $240,000 2015/04/16$240,000
Forest River Manufacturing LLCOpen PDFHemetRecreational Vehicle Manufacturing210$1,000,000 $720,000 2015/04/16$720,000
FLIR Commercial Systems, Inc.Open PDFGoletaThermal Imaging Camera Manufacturing83$76,000,000 $500,000 2015/04/16
Fatzer Appraisal Group, Inc.Open PDFSacramentoReal Estate Appraisers5$379,000 $50,000 2015/04/16$40,000
Factory Pipe LLCOpen PDFUkiahRecreational Vehicle Parts Manufacturing79$5,581,200 $150,000 2015/04/16$150,000
EntroGen, Inc.Open PDFWoodland HillsDiagnostic Test Manufacturing15$2,500,000 $320,000 2015/04/16
El Triunfo CorporationOpen PDFSanta AnaAccounting Services5$65,000 $25,000 2015/04/16$15,000
Du Fu Engineering LLCOpen PDFRancho Palos VerdesIndustrial Machinery Manufacturing5$0$100,000 2015/04/16$80,000
DJMC IncorporatedOpen PDFSanta RosaPest Control6$95,000 $25,000 2015/04/16$25,000
David S. Filippi, M.D., Inc., A Medical CorporationOpen PDFPismo BeachBiotechnology Research and Development14$647,000 $66,000 2015/04/16$66,000
Council Brewing Company LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoSpecialty Micro-Brewery36$11,375,000 $45,000 2015/04/16$36,000
Control Air Conditioning CorporationOpen PDFAnaheimHVAC Component Fabrication209$1,464,000 $475,000 2015/04/16
Connemara Converting West LLCOpen PDFOntarioCardboard and Fiber Box Manufacturing43$900,000 $150,000 2015/04/16$90,000
Composites Horizons LLCOpen PDFCovinaAerospace Product Manufacturing387$25,900,000 $975,000 2015/04/16$875,000
Citizen Watch Company of America, Inc.Open PDFTorranceJewelry and Watch Manufacturing5$3,800,000 $35,000 2015/04/16
Cascade Orthopedic Supply, Inc.Open PDFChicoMedical Equipment Distribution42$2,783,781 $75,000 2015/04/16$60,000
Capital FlowOpen PDFRocklinWater, Sewer and Storm Drain Services6$535,000 $120,000 2015/04/16
C.B. Nichols Egg RanchOpen PDFColton and HomelandOrganic Egg Processing37$7,400,000 $150,000 2015/04/16
Brown Software Design Concepts LLCOpen PDFFolsomSoftware Development15$135,500 $250,000 2015/04/16$250,000
Brilliant Group, Inc.Open PDFRichmondSynthetic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing21$1,500,000 $50,000 2015/04/16$50,000
BlackLine Systems, Inc.Open PDFWoodland HillsCustom Accounting Software Provider454$12,235,000 $1,100,000 2015/04/16$1,100,000
BAE Systems Holdings Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoShip Building and Repairing197$103,000,000 $1,550,000 2015/04/16$1,550,000
All Cal Equipment Services, Inc.Open PDFStocktonCrane Repair, Certification and Service15$800,000 $32,000 2015/04/16$32,000, Inc.Open PDFSan Mateo, Chico, Los Angeles and San FranciscoOnline Marketplace140$12,000,000 $560,000 2015/04/16$560,000
Abtech Technologies, Inc.Open PDFCarlsbadOnline Data Storage and Backup Services19$1,000,000 $25,000 2015/04/16$25,000
Wright & Wright, Inc.Open PDFYuba CityAccounting Services4$60,000 $24,500 2015/01/15
Wolf & Associates, Inc.Open PDFCosta Mesa3D Printer Manufacturing120$1,200,000 $500,000 2015/01/15$400,000
Wily Fox Technologies, Inc.Open PDFEl Dorado HillsComputer Systems Design Services15$45,000 $25,000 2015/01/15$15,000
Wesley Enterprise, Inc.Open PDFYorba LindaMedical Document Preparation Services8$0$200,000 2015/01/15$200,000
Virun, Inc.Open PDFPomonaNutritional Biotechnology R&D99$20,000,000 $1,875,000 2015/01/15$1,500,000
United States Gypsum CompanyOpen PDFPlaster CityGypsum Wall-board Manufacturing59$39,000,000 $450,000 2015/01/15
Underground Elephant, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoIT Digital Marketing Services16$1,618,200 $165,000 2015/01/15$165,000
Sunshine Butter Company**Open PDFCity of IndustryDairy Processing and Production51$20,500,000 $325,000 2015/01/15
Sentry Control Systems LLCOpen PDFVan NuysTechnology-Based Parking Solutions35$1,250,000 $200,000 2015/01/15$200,000
Sage Goddess, Inc.Open PDFTorranceNatural Bath and Beauty Product Manufacturer and Online Retailer32$855,000 $400,000 2015/01/15
Robert M. Galligan & Associates, Inc.Open PDFMarysvilleInsurance Agencies and Brokerages2$400,000 $24,000 2015/01/15
Robert L. Horvath, Inc. dba Clayborn LabOpen PDFTruckeeElectrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing10$497,000 $20,000 2015/01/15$20,000
Remark Enterprises LLCOpen PDFDavisCryotherapy Services126$15,300,000 $400,000 2015/01/15$400,000
QVC, Inc.Open PDFEastvale, Ontario, or RialtoWestern U.S. Retail Warehouse and Distribution521$165,000,000 $1,400,000 2015/01/15$900,000
Quality Controlled ManufacturingOpen PDFSanteeMachine Parts Manufacturing22$2,700,000 $130,000 2015/01/15$120,000
Pressure Profile Systems, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesComputer Electronic Engineering Services23$0.00$100,000 2015/01/15$80,000
Pikios Auto LLC, dba Midtown AutoworksOpen PDFSacramentoAutomotive Repair3$0.00$45,000 2015/01/15$35,000
Patagonia WorksOpen PDFVenturaRetail Management (HQ Expansion)175$39,900,000 $700,000 2015/01/15
Pantek Partners LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoAgricultural Commodity Trading67$100,000 $30,000 2015/01/15$30,000
Orora North AmericaOpen PDFBuena ParkCorrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing75$74,100,000 $1,000,000 2015/01/15
Omni Consulting Solutions LLCOpen PDFEl SegundoMilitary, Defense, and Aerospace Consulting29$148,800 $500,000 2015/01/15$150,000
Oasis Technology, Inc.Open PDFCamarilloComputer Systems Design and Consulting Services357$1,000,000 $2,000,000 2015/01/15$2,000,000
Niagara Bottling LLCOpen PDFRialtoBottled Water Manufacturing409$193,685,882 $2,700,000 2015/01/15
Neustar, Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoCloud-based Information and Data Evaluation Services264$2,500,000 $1,500,000 2015/01/15$1,400,000
Modern Times LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoSpecialty Micro-Brewery65$24,920,000 $60,000 2015/01/15$12,000
MK Partners, Inc.Open PDFLos AngelesComputer Systems Design Services33$193,000 $160,000 2015/01/15$128,000
MBC USA, Inc.Open PDFThousand PalmsCheese Processing and Packaging45$6,635,000 $100,000 2015/01/15$100,000
MAC Thin Films, Inc.Open PDFSanta RosaFilm Coating Manufacturing87$550,000 $100,000 2015/01/15$100,000
LCMS Solutions, Inc.Open PDFSan Diego and La JollaMedical Laboratories24$415,000 $220,000 2015/01/15$220,000
Kurios, Inc.Open PDFMantecaSolar Power Installation and Repair Services40$319,400 $100,000 2015/01/15$15,000
Klean Kanteen, Inc.Open PDFChicoBottle and Container Manufacturing35$2,838,864 $50,000 2015/01/15$30,000
Kite Pharma, Inc.Open PDFEl SegundoBiopharmaceutical R&D, and Manufacturing186$52,559,000 $1,800,000 2015/01/15$1,800,000
Kinkisharyo (USA), Inc.Open PDFPalmdaleLight Rail Vehicle Manufacturing186$345,571 $450,000 2015/01/15
iBoss, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoIT Network Security109$12,700,000 $320,000 2015/01/15$256,000
Gravity Defyer CorporationOpen PDFPacoimaFootwear Manufacturing25$1,152,000 $100,000 2015/01/15$100,000
Graveline Financial, Inc.Open PDFFresnoFinancial and Insurance Services2$7,000 $20,000 2015/01/15$16,000
Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.Open PDFCity of IndustryBrush Manufacturing54$15,650,000 $800,000 2015/01/15$600,000
Geraldine A. Santellano-Bartsch dba Helios Document SolutionsOpen PDFFresnoOffice Equipment Supplier9$115,000 $20,000 2015/01/15$20,000
Fruit Growers Supply CompanyOpen PDFYreka and OntarioSawmills and Agricultural Shipping Product Manufacturing30$27,292,997 $200,000 2015/01/15$200,000
Fox Factory, Inc.Open PDFEl CajonShock Absorber and Racing Suspension Product Manufacturing267$10,800,000 $1,700,000 2015/01/15
Fluoresprobe Sciences LLCOpen PDFSan DiegoBiotechnology R&D14$2,050,000 $220,000 2015/01/15$88,000
ESL Power Systems, Inc.Open PDFCoronaElectrical Component Manufacturing24$370,000 $200,000 2015/01/15
Eldorado National (California), Inc.Open PDFRiversideCommercial Bus Manufacturing58$1,025,000 $290,000 2015/01/15
East Bay Ophthalmology, Inc.Open PDFPinoleOphthalmologic Surgery and Related Services28$4,488,000 $400,000 2015/01/15$240,000
Development Group, Inc.Open PDFReddingComputer Systems Management and Design Services36$6,998,702 $80,000 2015/01/15$50,000
Delta Hi-Tech, Inc.Open PDFChatsworthCNC Machining19$2,750,000 $20,000 2015/01/15$20,000
Dasco Engineering CorporationOpen PDFLong Beach and TorranceAerospace Component Manufacturing57$3,085,000 $1,000,000 2015/01/15$450,000
CSI Tubular Products, Inc.Open PDFFontanaFlat Rolled Steel Production105$15,631,274 $540,000 2015/01/15$540,000
Carrazco & AssociatesOpen PDFSacramentoAccounting Services4$145,000 $39,500 2015/01/15
Canyon Plastics, Inc.Open PDFValenciaPlastic Container Manufacturing45$4,800,000 $350,000 2015/01/15$350,000
BYD Motors, Inc.Open PDFLancaster and Los AngelesElectric Bus Manufacturing590$51,000,000 $3,001,698 2015/01/15$1,101,698
Brian BoydOpen PDFSacramentoWealth Management and Insurance Sales3$282,000 $47,000 2015/01/15$37,000
Bandy & Associates, Accountancy CorporationOpen PDFFresnoAccounting Services2$184,000 $20,000 2015/01/15
Arkay Acquisition LLCOpen PDFLivermoreTransit Bus Manufacturing105$100,421,268 $1,800,000 2015/01/15
AFC Trident, Inc.Open PDFOntarioTablet and Phone Case Manufacturing83$2,600,000 $650,000 2015/01/15$650,000
Adams Group, Inc.Open PDFArbuckle and WoodlandAgricultural Processing15$10,350,000 $147,500 2015/01/15
XCell Science, Inc.Open PDFNovatoStem Cell Biotechnology Research and Development8$213,103 $20,000 2014/06/19$8,000
Weber Metals, Inc.Open PDFLong BeachAerospace Metal Forging60$170,703,000 $1,000,000 2014/06/19
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.Open PDFNovatoPharmaceutical Research and Development180$16,331,892 $2,100,000 2014/06/19$2,100,000
Technical Engineered Coatings, Inc.Open PDFFolsomCommercial Concrete Treatment13$239,000 $55,000 2014/06/19$44,000
Systena America Inc.Open PDFSan CarlosInformation Technology and Communication Device Software Engineering and Testing42$789,600 $100,000 2014/06/19$100,000
Sparsha USA, Inc.Open PDFOceansideTransdermal Patch Development and Manufacturing21$4,400,000 $250,000 2014/06/19$100,000
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. Open PDFSan JoseSemiconductor Research and Development400$357,764,000 $6,000,000 2014/06/19
Samsung Information Systems America, Inc.Open PDFMountain ViewElectronic Device Research and Development210$128,333,935 $2,000,000 2014/06/19$2,000,000
Salient IT, Inc.Open PDFSacramento and OaklandInformation Technology Consulting and Data Center Management21$460,000 $77,500 2014/06/19$67,500
Professional Asbestos and Lead Services, Inc.Open PDFStocktonHazardous Materials Remediation and Removal71$650,000 $100,000 2014/06/19$60,000
Petco Animal Supplies, Inc.Open PDFSan DiegoRetail and Corporate Management263$84,000,000 $2,600,000 2014/06/19$2,600,000
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.Open PDFSan CarlosPharmaceutical Manufacturing28$104,800,000 $1,000,000 2014/06/19$1,000,000
Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.Open PDFRancho Cucamonga, Santa Rosa, Newark, and Los NietosIndustrial Gas Supplier53$5,923,906 $100,000 2014/06/19
Macy', Inc.Open PDFSan FranciscoE-Commerce Technology193$206,307,830 $1,000,000 2014/06/19
Lynam Industries, Inc.Open PDFFontanaSheet Metal Manufacturing69$6,512,552 $68,000 2014/06/19$68,000
Iso Nano International LLC dba BST NanoCarbon LLCOpen PDFSan Diego and TemeculaHigh-Tech Commercial Fiber Design and Manufacturing632$22,825,000 $1,450,000 2014/06/19$1,450,000
iHerb, Inc.Open PDFRiverside CountyOnline Retail Warehouse and Distribution150$15,000,000 $815,000 2014/06/19
Hyundai Capital AmericaOpen PDFIrvineAutomobile Consumer Financial Services120$0$885,000 2014/06/19$531,000
Health One Pharmaceutical Inc.Open PDFCity of IndustryHealth Supplement Manufacturing10$5,643,008 $50,000 2014/06/19$50,000
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.Open PDFOroville, Irvine, and Santa ClaraFood and Beverage Packaging Design and Manufacturing138$54,228,200 $1,150,000 2014/06/19$1,150,000
Fresh Select LLCOpen PDFDinubaLarge Scale Produce Refrigeration and Distribution341$5,923,906 $500,000 2014/06/19$500,000
Flowers Baking Co. of Modesto LLCOpen PDFModestoProduction of Packaged Bakery Goods121$25,000,000 $300,000 2014/06/19
Deckers Outdoor CorporationOpen PDFMoreno Valley and GoletaFootwear Design, Marketing and Distribution125$149,475,624 $800,000 2014/06/19
CTP Transportation Products LLCOpen PDFOntarioCommercial Vehicle Wheel and Component Manufacturing33$1,000,000 $150,000 2014/06/19$150,000
CE&P Imperial Valley 1 LLCOpen PDFBrawleyEthanol / Biofuel Manufacturing222$526,700,398 $3,100,000 2014/06/19$3,100,000
Animal Memorial Service, Inc.Open PDFGilroyPet Cremation Services5$370,000 $40,000 2014/06/19$40,000
American Marine Abatement Services LLCOpen PDFNational CityUS Navy Ship Maintenance and Repair Services6$110,000 $30,000 2014/06/19$30,000
Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc.Open PDFMoreno Valley, Tracy, Newark, and San BernardinoOnline Retail Warehouse and Distribution1550$225,000,000 $1,575,000 2014/06/19
A2Z Development Center, Inc.Open PDFSunnyvale and CupertinoElectronic Device Research and Development798$55,000,000 $1,200,000 2014/06/19

“* This company was given a priority for being located in a high unemployment area and/or high poverty area. AB 2900 (Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy, Ch. 582, Stats. of 2016) amended California Revenue and Taxation Code sections 17059.2(c)(6)(G) and 23689(c)(6)(G) to expand the reporting requirements of the California Competes Tax Credit program effective January 1, 2017, to include this information.

**On April 16, 2015, the California Competes Tax Credit Committee approved a novation agreement in which Heritage Distributing Company assumed all of the responsibilities and benefits of Sunshine Butter Company’s approved tax credit agreement.

*** One-third of the California Competes Tax Credit may be utilized by an S-Corporation to offset the tax on net income at the S-Corporation level (R&TC §23803(a)(1)). The remaining two-thirds is disregarded and may not be used as a carryover for the S-Corporation (R&TC §23803(a)(2)(A)). However, the full amount of the California Competes Tax Credit is also passed through to the S-Corporation’s shareholders (R&TC §23803(a)(2)(F)).”