ZEV Permitting Olympics

Streamline Permitting for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Accelerate Economic Recovery

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Permitting Olympics: Streamlined Counties

Alameda CountySan Luis Obispo CountyLassen County
Alpine CountySanta Barbara CountySacramento County
San Francisco City and CountySonoma County
Napa County
Tuolumne County
Marin County

Gold (100% of county’s jurisdictions), Silver (75%), Bronze (50%)

Covid-19 postponed the 2020 Summer Olympics, but not California’s efforts to rapidly accelerate the ZEV Market. Governor Newsom signed Executive Order N-79-20 on September 23, 2020, setting a target that 100 percent of in-state sales of new passenger vehicles will be zero-emission by 2035, as well as ambitious targets for zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Getting to 100 percent ZEV sales hinges on rapidly building out plug-in charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure, an effort that will accelerate job growth and our economic recovery.

To help meet the challenge, GO-Biz and our partners have created a new initiative to streamline permitting for ZEV infrastructure – the Permitting Olympics. Our first competition focuses on electric vehicle charging stations – which has a rule book established by AB 1236 (Chiu 2015). In these Olympics, winning means everyone earns a gold medal.

Medals will be awarded county by county, based on all the jurisdictions within the county:

  • Counties with 100% of their region streamlined = Gold
  • Counties with 75% of their region streamlined = Silver
  • Counties with 50% of their region streamlined = Bronze

The Goal: All counties ‘Gold’ by Earth Day (April 22nd), 2021.

Tools: Permit Streamlining MapPermit ScorecardBest Practices

The Method: Local “champions” work with their local governments to facilitate the adoption of permit streamlining processes.

Streamlined Jurisdictions
(Numbers of cities and counties)

Streamlined:Streamlining in Progress:Not Streamlined: